Today at Facebook’s® first ever fMC, the com­pany revealed excit­ing changes to Face­book Pages, which is the cen­ter­piece for a brand’s pres­ence on Face­book. These changes will require mar­keters to re-examine how they express them­selves on Face­book, and how and where they tell their sto­ries on the world’s lead­ing social network.

Face­book will have busi­nesses switch to the new Face­book Pages by March 30th. To help mar­keters get ready for these changes, here is our assess­ment of what these updates mean:

The Face­book Page Becomes Your Cam­paign
Say what? Mar­keters see the cur­rent ver­sion of Face­book Pages as a des­ti­na­tion for hous­ing mar­ket­ing cam­paigns and a way to aggre­gate con­ver­sa­tion and engage­ment around a brand. But the changes announced today present some pretty cool new cam­paign capa­bil­i­ties for Face­book Pages that aim to evolve mar­keters’ per­cep­tions of what a Face­book Page is and what it’s used for.

Stop think­ing of the Face­book Page as a col­lec­tion of sep­a­rate apps and cam­paigns. Start think­ing of the entire Page as the campaign.

Long rumored and much antic­i­pated, the new Face­book Pages are sim­i­lar to time­line and cover photo treat­ments found on Face­book pro­files for users. But it’s actu­ally much more than that.

– The lay­out, com­pared to the for­mer Page lay­out, is visu­ally more inter­est­ing and pro­vides sig­nif­i­cantly more real estate to “brand” a Page.

– The tab struc­ture (the nav­i­ga­tion menu to other tabs on your Page under the pro­file pic­ture) and default tab option have been elim­i­nated in favor of a uni­fied Page expe­ri­ence that com­bines time­line events with wall posts, com­pany infor­ma­tion and applications.

– New fea­tures go beyond the wall and appli­ca­tions to give busi­nesses more tools to spread brand mes­sages, encour­age engage­ment and facil­i­tate direct inter­ac­tion with the brand.

These are all oppor­tu­ni­ties to pro­mote your cam­paigns in a way that encom­passes not only new cre­ative real estate but inte­grates the lat­est social endorse­ments from fans in the form of user posts, Likes, com­ments and shares – aka Peo­ple Talk­ing About This. All of that now influ­ences cam­paigns and their suc­cess, in real-time, in the same environment.

What is it?
Let’s explore the new fea­tures that make the Face­book Page a cam­paign envi­ron­ment itself.

– Larger Sto­ries – The new for­mat is a great oppor­tu­nity for mar­keters to pub­lish and fea­ture mul­ti­ple sto­ries about a cam­paign using rich and engag­ing media for­mats like pho­tos and videos, and then high­light impor­tant sto­ries with a star icon.

– Pre­mium on Face­book – This new ad offer­ing includes the Reach Gen­er­a­tor tool that enables you to select your most engag­ing Page posts to be fea­tured as a pre­mium ad. Pre­mium dis­tri­b­u­tion includes 1) the Face­book home­page to the right of the News Feed, 2) in the News Feed on desk­top, 3) in the News Feed on mobile, and 4) in the logged-off expe­ri­ence. This helps mar­keters sup­ple­ment a Page cam­paign with paid media and dis­trib­ute that con­tent to Facebook’s most engag­ing envi­ron­ments. Doing so could max­i­mize reach to 75% of fan base and dou­ble engage­ment accord­ing to Facebook’s beta partners.

– Real-time Insights – Some­thing very cool for mar­keters, you can now access data and met­rics for engage­ment on your Page in real-time. This gives mar­keters the abil­ity to quickly sup­ple­ment a cam­paign paid media or addi­tional posts to cap­i­tal­ize on post per­for­mance and max­i­mize audi­ence reach and the vol­ume of sto­ries and peo­ple talk­ing about the cam­paign and brand.

– Mile­stones – This allows mar­keters to pub­lish new events or mile­stones to a company’s time­line as well as fill in gaps in the past with sig­nif­i­cant events and con­tent – like “new car model” or “lim­ited release celebrity shoe” or “hit 10,000 cus­tomers”. By pub­lish­ing inter­est­ing con­tent in engag­ing for­mats like pho­tos or videos, mar­keters can drive fur­ther inter­est and engage­ment in the future long after a mile­stone has passed.

– Sched­ul­ing of Posts – Mar­keters can now plan ahead and sched­ule posts for future pub­lish­ing, which is per­fect for announc­ing news like the phases of a con­test and pub­lish buzz mes­sages to drive more entries and votes.

– Pinned Post – Sim­i­lar to sticky posts in online forums, mar­keters can now pin a post to the top of the time­line which is a great way to sur­face impor­tant cam­paign con­tent and drive aware­ness and engage­ment with any peo­ple vis­it­ing the Page. A pinned post can stay pinned for up to seven days.

– Cover Photo – This grand, new real estate is per­fect for cre­ative to adver­tise cam­paigns. And not only can the pho­tos rotate for, say, the dif­fer­ent phases of a con­test, they can quickly be swapped out for the next cam­paign after that con­test ends. The cover photo becomes art­work for the new “default tab”, the Page itself.

– Views and Apps – While one app cam­paign is being pro­moted front and cen­ter on a Page, mar­keters can still pro­mote other cam­paigns and apps with visual logo art instead of text tab links right below the cover photo. This should assist app dis­cov­ery and views.

– Friend Activ­ity – As your cam­paign pro­gresses and peo­ple talk about it, sto­ries includ­ing Likes, com­ments and men­tions are sur­faced on the Page. Face­book has inte­grated user wall posts more organ­i­cally with other Page elements.

– Mes­sages– And as a cam­paign pro­gresses, peo­ple can mes­sage a brand directly with ques­tions about the cam­paign with­out leav­ing the Face­book envi­ron­ment and mar­keters can directly respond up to two times per user. This will help pro­mote stick­i­ness and increase engage­ment rates. The brand can only respond to a user when the per­son mes­sages the Page first.

What’s it mean for mar­keters?
These new fea­tures can all be used sep­a­rately to drive reach, story gen­er­a­tion and engage­ment across the Face­book fan base, but really it’s about the power of these fea­tures com­bined that will turn the Face­book Page into the cam­paign. Whereas cam­paigns had lim­ited real estate on tabs within the for­mer Page for­mat, brand­ing is now organ­i­cally inte­grated into the over­all envi­ron­ment and along with it, all the sto­ries gen­er­ated by fans.

What Do Mar­keters Do Now?
Grab social mar­keters, com­mu­nity man­agers, design­ers and app devel­op­ers, web ana­lysts, PR man­agers and dig­i­tal mar­keters and brain­storm how to take advan­tage of the new envi­ron­ment and fea­tures to develop a more cohe­sive and expres­sive aware­ness for brands and cam­paigns right on the Face­book Page.

Reex­am­ine app strat­egy and exper­i­ment with app dis­cov­ery. Find ways to focus the expe­ri­ence in the sim­pli­fied Page and iden­tify what kind of apps drive the most engage­ment for a brand and cus­tomers, includ­ing campaign-based, single-use apps like con­tests or polls and/or more ever­green apps that encour­age engage­ment on a daily or reg­u­lar basis.

Revisit best prac­tices on pub­lish­ing, app strat­egy, cam­paign man­age­ment and social ad strat­egy based on real-time insights and ana­lyt­ics. Can teams respond as quickly to changes in social per­for­mance as the SEM team can? Now the data exists to do so and can mean suc­cess or fail­ure for social ini­tia­tives that rely on cap­i­tal­iz­ing on trends and people’s behav­ior and interests.

Adobe Social Mar­ket­ing Tools
Acquired by Adobe ear­lier this year, Con­text Optional, the lead­ing social media man­age­ment plat­form, has already begun explor­ing the new capa­bil­i­ties and will begin devel­op­ing new fea­tures and tools on top of Facebook’s lat­est APIs once their avail­able to help mar­keters man­age and admin­is­ter the new ver­sion of Face­book Pages for businesses.

– Our Pub­lisher tool will be updated to pub­lish pinned posts, cover pho­tos and mile­stones on the time­line.
– Our Appli­ca­tions mod­ule will con­tinue to work seam­lessly with Face­book Pages and we’ll enhance func­tion­al­i­ties spe­cific to the time­line view.
– Our Ana­lyt­ics dash­board will inte­grate the pow­er­ful real-time Insights data into our industry-leading Post Ana­lyt­ics and Page Stats.

And there’s more coming…

To stay up to date on new fea­tures and avail­abil­ity, sign up for updates at or visit www​.con​tex​top​tional​.com for more information.

A lot of great news from Face­book for mar­keters today, all designed to help mar­keters extract more value and ROI from your fan base. Good luck!