Johanna Riggle Segesser, senior manager, social media at (the market leader for consumer online credit reports, scores and credit monitoring delivered over the Internet), was kind enough to answer a few questions about how looks at social marketing.

Q:           What are your social objectives?

A:            While it is very important for to listen to and be aware of conversations, we are looking to be more proactive in social media.  For example, we want to create more engagement points across the social ecosystem. We want to better identify and cultivate key brand ambassadors and facilitate organic, positive conversations around our brand and the topics important to them.  We would also like to increase the amount of social referrals to our site.  Social is an important channel for us and these are just a few examples of our objectives.

Q:           How do you define social ROI?

A:            We break social ROI down into four categories:

  • Awareness (topic share of voice, tonality, volume)
  • Engagement (embeds/shares/retweets/pins/clicks/downloads; ratio of new vs. returning commenters)
  • Conversion (generated leads)
  • Advocacy (positive comments/shares/advocacy language)

Q:           How are you looking at using Adobe Social to shape your business?

A:            We are particularly encouraged by the potential for Adobe Social to help us create a scalable social marketing solution that can be leveraged throughout our organization and by many different roles.

Q:           Of the features and capabilities of Adobe Social you have had the opportunity to preview and work with, which do you find the most exciting?

A:            Being able to see how all of the conversations and engagement on social – likes, comments, retweets, posts, apps, shares, etc. – are impacting our business objectives at the campaign level is exciting.