Since the general release of Adobe Social this past September, we have seen significant customer adoption by a wide array of companies, including:

As we’ve engaged with these customers, it has become increasingly clear how important it is for marketers to connect social efforts with business results. Adobe Social’s foundation in web analytics has empowered marketers to answer previously impossible questions around social value and ROI. They are proving the impact of likes and comments on engagement, traffic, and sale conversions.

We want to know, how do you measure the impact of your social efforts?

Come to Summit and Get Socially Smart

This year’s Adobe Summit includes a comprehensive social track with ten unique social presentations focused on how to better leverage social data to optimize performance and deliver improved results. Social-specific sessions are also sprinkled across the Digital Advertising, Tech Labs, Targeting and Optimization, and Marketing Innovations tracks (see the list below).  All sessions will be driven by industry thought leaders, including customers, partners, analysts, and our own Adobe experts. Social ROI will also be a focus in keynotes and demonstrations during the main stage presentations.

Adobe Summit represents a great opportunity to learn how digital marketers, web analysts, and community managers across numerous verticals are effectively using social to drive business results. Join the social breakout sessions to understand how other brands have been succeeding within the social space. Walk away with best practices, social tips, and practical guidelines to help drive impact through social marketing efforts. Below is a sampling of the social sessions at Adobe Summit.

Adobe Summit Social Sessions

Wednesday, March 6th

Wednesday 11:30 AM

S410 – Twitter’s new ads API: How to leverage content to improve reach & targeting. Twitter recently announced its new ads API. Join Twitter and Adobe’s Marc Blinder to learn what has changed, what has improved, and how to leverage content, data, and advertising to improve your Twitter performance.

S413 – Social Marketing: Do you have what it takes? In this session, Deloitte and Adobe will present current marketplace research supported by MIT, as well as an Adobe Social overview to help you legitimize and elevate your social marketing program internally. (Deloitte Sponsored Session)

S412 – Conversion by design: How social applications drive business results. Join strategist Erik Shielke and applications product manager Andy Boylan for a revival of the Facebook app.

With a focus on application strategy and design, this session examines social promotions and demonstrates how they are integral to business success.

Wednesday 2:00 PM

S406 – Content is king: Optimizing social content to engage and convert fans. Discover new tactics and best practices from Chad Parizman, Director of Mobile & Social for Scripps Network, and Lauren Friedman, Manager of Community Engagement at Adobe, to drive interaction and foster advocacy across all social channels.

S408Adobe Social 3.0: A technical deep dive into new features and functionality. Our own Craig Stoe and Lawrence Mak will provide a closer look at Adobe Social during this hands-on product overview. Review core capabilities and new functionality, and learn about how to best leverage Adobe Social to engage customers, amplify reach, and demonstrate social marketing ROI.

Wednesday 3:30 PM

S309 – The Facebook makeover: Turn your campaigns from drab to fab. Join our Milena Krasteva as she explores why successful social campaigns are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Learn a variety of tactics and strategies that will help your business drive performance, leverage advanced Facebook advertising features, and create deeply social campaigns. (Advertising track)

S404 – Proving social ROI: How to connect social interactions to business results. Chris Kahle, Web Analytics Manager for Caesar’s Entertainment, and Steve Wirig, Adobe Social Evangelist, will prove that Likes, comments, and even follows deliver real value to brands. Learn from the best and walk away empowered to demonstrate the impact of social marketing efforts to your organization.

Thursday, March 7th

Thursday 11 AM

S405 – One platform. 97 Million Blogs. Why Tumblr matters to your business. Join Rick Webb, COO and co-founder of The Barbarian Group and current head of revenue and marketing at Tumblr, for a crash course on why your company should be using Tumblr … now. Tim Hong of Adobe also provides data-backed recommendations and best practices to structure and implement a successful presence on this social channel.

Thursday 1:30 PM

S401Listen up! How to implement an effective social listening program. Join leaders in social data usage and innovation–Rebekah King of Kelley Blue Book, Chris Moody of Gnip, and Carmen Sutter of Adobe–to learn how to turn social conversations into game-changing marketing insights.

S310 – What lies ahead for social advertising. Join Brooke Angles, founder of Admo­sis Media; Steve Parker, Jr., co-founder and man­ag­ing part­ner at lev­el­wing; and our own Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff as they dis­cuss strategies to fully take advan­tage of emerging paid chan­nel oppor­tu­ni­ties for B2C and B2B orga­ni­za­tions, including new ways to reach customers, cre­ate engage­ment, broaden brand aware­ness, and encour­age direct response. (Advertising Track)

S601 – Measuring the immeasurable: Tactics to quantify the impact of social. Back by popular demand, our own Steve Wirig and Pearce Aurigemma will deliver technical information on how to measure the major and emerging social media platforms and identify opportunities to measure cross-domain visitor behaviors through real-time data collection. Get code examples and best practices for how to integrate with the available APIs for these platforms. (Technology Track)

Thursday 2:45 PM

S409 – Beyond the Like. How to measure & optimize Facebook’s offline impact. Join Sean Bruich, Facebook’s head of measurement research, development, and partnerships, to learn how social media has fundamentally changed the way marketers and analysts think about online advertising. Dispel the myth that social media is worthless by putting it into context with your other marketing efforts and discover how the most innovative companies are tracking social interactions to offline conversions.

Analyst Sessions at Adobe Summit

Thursday 11:00 AM

 S407 – Social Session with Susan Etlinger – Getting to Know You: Using Social Data to Map the Dynamic Customer Journey. Join Altimeter Group’s Susan Etlinger as she tackles the challenges and opportunities presented by social data. She will explore how companies use social data to understand and measure social ROI, how social has redefined the customer influence loop, and how businesses can use social data to drive meaningful change and efficacy.

Thursday 2:45 PM

S508 – Luminary Track Session with Altimeter Group Founder Charlene LiMarketing in a Real Time World. Join Altimeter Group’s Charlene Li as she discusses the new technologies that allow us to connect and communicate in real time. Discover how these new dynamic customer relationships require not only a new mindset, but also new skills, capabilities, and organizational structures.

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