Since the gen­eral release of Adobe Social this past Sep­tem­ber, we have seen sig­nif­i­cant cus­tomer adop­tion by a wide array of com­pa­nies, including:

As we’ve engaged with these cus­tomers, it has become increas­ingly clear how impor­tant it is for mar­keters to con­nect social efforts with busi­ness results. Adobe Social’s foun­da­tion in web ana­lyt­ics has empow­ered mar­keters to answer pre­vi­ously impos­si­ble ques­tions around social value and ROI. They are prov­ing the impact of likes and com­ments on engage­ment, traf­fic, and sale conversions.

We want to know, how do you mea­sure the impact of your social efforts?

Come to Sum­mit and Get Socially Smart

This year’s Adobe Sum­mit includes a com­pre­hen­sive social track with ten unique social pre­sen­ta­tions focused on how to bet­ter lever­age social data to opti­mize per­for­mance and deliver improved results. Social-specific ses­sions are also sprin­kled across the Dig­i­tal Adver­tis­ing, Tech Labs, Tar­get­ing and Opti­miza­tion, and Mar­ket­ing Inno­va­tions tracks (see the list below).  All ses­sions will be dri­ven by indus­try thought lead­ers, includ­ing cus­tomers, part­ners, ana­lysts, and our own Adobe experts. Social ROI will also be a focus in keynotes and demon­stra­tions dur­ing the main stage presentations.

Adobe Sum­mit rep­re­sents a great oppor­tu­nity to learn how dig­i­tal mar­keters, web ana­lysts, and com­mu­nity man­agers across numer­ous ver­ti­cals are effec­tively using social to drive busi­ness results. Join the social break­out ses­sions to under­stand how other brands have been suc­ceed­ing within the social space. Walk away with best prac­tices, social tips, and prac­ti­cal guide­lines to help drive impact through social mar­ket­ing efforts. Below is a sam­pling of the social ses­sions at Adobe Summit.

Adobe Sum­mit Social Sessions

Wednes­day, March 6th

Wednes­day 11:30 AM

S410 — Twitter’s new ads API: How to lever­age con­tent to improve reach & tar­get­ing. Twit­ter recently announced its new ads API. Join Twit­ter and Adobe’s Marc Blinder to learn what has changed, what has improved, and how to lever­age con­tent, data, and adver­tis­ing to improve your Twit­ter performance.

S413 — Social Mar­ket­ing: Do you have what it takes? In this ses­sion, Deloitte and Adobe will present cur­rent mar­ket­place research sup­ported by MIT, as well as an Adobe Social overview to help you legit­imize and ele­vate your social mar­ket­ing pro­gram inter­nally. (Deloitte Spon­sored Session)

S412 — Con­ver­sion by design: How social appli­ca­tions drive busi­ness results. Join strate­gist Erik Shielke and appli­ca­tions prod­uct man­ager Andy Boy­lan for a revival of the Face­book app.

With a focus on appli­ca­tion strat­egy and design, this ses­sion exam­ines social pro­mo­tions and demon­strates how they are inte­gral to busi­ness success.

Wednes­day 2:00 PM

S406 — Con­tent is king: Opti­miz­ing social con­tent to engage and con­vert fans. Dis­cover new tac­tics and best prac­tices from Chad Pariz­man, Direc­tor of Mobile & Social for Scripps Net­work, and Lau­ren Fried­man, Man­ager of Com­mu­nity Engage­ment at Adobe, to drive inter­ac­tion and fos­ter advo­cacy across all social channels.

S408Adobe Social 3.0: A tech­ni­cal deep dive into new fea­tures and func­tion­al­ity. Our own Craig Stoe and Lawrence Mak will pro­vide a closer look at Adobe Social dur­ing this hands-on prod­uct overview. Review core capa­bil­i­ties and new func­tion­al­ity, and learn about how to best lever­age Adobe Social to engage cus­tomers, amplify reach, and demon­strate social mar­ket­ing ROI.

Wednes­day 3:30 PM

S309 — The Face­book makeover: Turn your cam­paigns from drab to fab. Join our Milena Krasteva as she explores why suc­cess­ful social cam­paigns are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Learn a vari­ety of tac­tics and strate­gies that will help your busi­ness drive per­for­mance, lever­age advanced Face­book adver­tis­ing fea­tures, and cre­ate deeply social cam­paigns. (Adver­tis­ing track)

S404 — Prov­ing social ROI: How to con­nect social inter­ac­tions to busi­ness results. Chris Kahle, Web Ana­lyt­ics Man­ager for Caesar’s Enter­tain­ment, and Steve Wirig, Adobe Social Evan­ge­list, will prove that Likes, com­ments, and even fol­lows deliver real value to brands. Learn from the best and walk away empow­ered to demon­strate the impact of social mar­ket­ing efforts to your organization.

Thurs­day, March 7th

Thurs­day 11 AM

S405 — One plat­form. 97 Mil­lion Blogs. Why Tum­blr mat­ters to your busi­ness. Join Rick Webb, COO and co-founder of The Bar­bar­ian Group and cur­rent head of rev­enue and mar­ket­ing at Tum­blr, for a crash course on why your com­pany should be using Tum­blr … now. Tim Hong of Adobe also pro­vides data-backed rec­om­men­da­tions and best prac­tices to struc­ture and imple­ment a suc­cess­ful pres­ence on this social channel.

Thurs­day 1:30 PM

S401Lis­ten up! How to imple­ment an effec­tive social lis­ten­ing pro­gram. Join lead­ers in social data usage and innovation–Rebekah King of Kel­ley Blue Book, Chris Moody of Gnip, and Car­men Sut­ter of Adobe–to learn how to turn social con­ver­sa­tions into game-changing mar­ket­ing insights.

S310 — What lies ahead for social adver­tis­ing. Join Brooke Angles, founder of Admo­sis Media; Steve Parker, Jr., co-founder and man­ag­ing part­ner at lev­el­wing; and our own Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff as they dis­cuss strate­gies to fully take advan­tage of emerg­ing paid chan­nel oppor­tu­ni­ties for B2C and B2B orga­ni­za­tions, including new ways to reach cus­tomers, cre­ate engage­ment, broaden brand aware­ness, and encour­age direct response. (Adver­tis­ing Track)

S601 — Mea­sur­ing the immea­sur­able: Tac­tics to quan­tify the impact of social. Back by pop­u­lar demand, our own Steve Wirig and Pearce Aurigemma will deliver tech­ni­cal infor­ma­tion on how to mea­sure the major and emerg­ing social media plat­forms and iden­tify oppor­tu­ni­ties to mea­sure cross-domain vis­i­tor behav­iors through real-time data col­lec­tion. Get code exam­ples and best prac­tices for how to inte­grate with the avail­able APIs for these plat­forms. (Tech­nol­ogy Track)

Thurs­day 2:45 PM

S409 — Beyond the Like. How to mea­sure & opti­mize Facebook’s offline impact. Join Sean Bruich, Facebook’s head of mea­sure­ment research, devel­op­ment, and part­ner­ships, to learn how social media has fun­da­men­tally changed the way mar­keters and ana­lysts think about online adver­tis­ing. Dis­pel the myth that social media is worth­less by putting it into con­text with your other mar­ket­ing efforts and dis­cover how the most inno­v­a­tive com­pa­nies are track­ing social inter­ac­tions to offline conversions.

Ana­lyst Ses­sions at Adobe Summit

Thurs­day 11:00 AM

 S407 — Social Ses­sion with Susan Etlinger — Get­ting to Know You: Using Social Data to Map the Dynamic Cus­tomer Jour­ney. Join Altime­ter Group’s Susan Etlinger as she tack­les the chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties pre­sented by social data. She will explore how com­pa­nies use social data to under­stand and mea­sure social ROI, how social has rede­fined the cus­tomer influ­ence loop, and how busi­nesses can use social data to drive mean­ing­ful change and efficacy.

Thurs­day 2:45 PM

S508 — Lumi­nary Track Ses­sion with Altime­ter Group Founder Char­lene LiMar­ket­ing in a Real Time World. Join Altime­ter Group’s Char­lene Li as she dis­cusses the new tech­nolo­gies that allow us to con­nect and com­mu­ni­cate in real time. Dis­cover how these new dynamic cus­tomer rela­tion­ships require not only a new mind­set, but also new skills, capa­bil­i­ties, and orga­ni­za­tional structures.

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