We were thrilled to have Kara Swisher of All Things Digital interview our fearless leaders, Kevin Barenblat and David Karnstedt in Context Optional’s Maiden Lane office last week. Armed with (and might we add already nostalgic for) her Flip camera, Swisher lead off with the essential question: What was the goal of bringing the two companies together?

Answering her punchy question, David and Kevin asserted that the acquisition was organic, the dual offering providing a holistic approach to marketing in social media. It’s Efficient Frontier’s focus on “customer acquisition and optimization” and Context Optional’s “customer retention and brand engagement” that make for a logical yet innovative integration.  Now, as opposed to social in its infancy, marketers need to measure what happens to their advertising dollar on Facebook. 

Check out Swisher’s post entitled “Social Marketing is the New Black” on All Things Digital to hear her take on our social marketing solution.

Many thanks to Kara for stopping by!

Julia Soffa, Marketing Coordinator