We were thrilled to have Kara Swisher of All Things Dig­i­tal inter­view our fear­less lead­ers, Kevin Baren­blat and David Karn­st­edt in Con­text Optional’s Maiden Lane office last week. Armed with (and might we add already nos­tal­gic for) her Flip cam­era, Swisher lead off with the essen­tial ques­tion: What was the goal of bring­ing the two com­pa­nies together?

Answer­ing her punchy ques­tion, David and Kevin asserted that the acqui­si­tion was organic, the dual offer­ing pro­vid­ing a holis­tic approach to mar­ket­ing in social media. It’s Effi­cient Frontier’s focus on “cus­tomer acqui­si­tion and opti­miza­tion” and Con­text Optional’s “cus­tomer reten­tion and brand engage­ment” that make for a log­i­cal yet inno­v­a­tive inte­gra­tion.  Now, as opposed to social in its infancy, mar­keters need to mea­sure what hap­pens to their adver­tis­ing dol­lar on Facebook. 

Check out Swisher’s post enti­tled “Social Mar­ket­ing is the New Black” on All Things Dig­i­tal to hear her take on our social mar­ket­ing solution.

Many thanks to Kara for stop­ping by!

Julia Soffa, Mar­ket­ing Coordinator