Adobe Showcase Page

Savvy consumers and professionals seem to be increasingly interested in LinkedIn as a platform to learn about businesses they’re interested in. More and more of my LinkedIn network is posting updates on personal pages and following updates from favorite companies. And with more than 3 million company pages, there’s no shortage of presence. But what if your brand wanted to highlight a subbrand, niche division, or unique initiative or nurture unique user groups separate from your main company page? Prior to Tuesday, you really couldn’t; everyone went through the main company page. All that has changed with the arrival of LinkedIn’s newest feature, Showcase Pages. So how will this new addition to the LinkedIn portfolio add up?

Adobe was among the handful of brands invited to pilot Showcase Pages over the past few weeks. We used it to highlight our two core solutions: Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud.

What It Is

LinkedIn’s Showcase Page allows companies with broader portfolios or audiences to create unique subpages in order to serve up more relevant information to different target groups. For instance, consumers interested in the Adobe Marketing Cloud can directly follow its Showcase Page without having to browse through everything the main Adobe presence has to offer. Showcase Pages can be followed apart from the parent page, giving brands the chance to target engaged customers with highly customized and relevant social marketing content.

Extending Presence

Professionals use LinkedIn as a resource for business-related news, but if they’re interested in a specific topic, a single company page can be difficult to navigate. For the dedicated LinkedIn user, Group Pages do exist, but the content on a Group Page is controlled by a LinkedIn administrator or a specific individual who is not always someone from a brand. By contrast, brands that create a Showcase Page can publish updates and highlight niche brands and products more effectively while keeping engagement with customers focused on the areas most relevant to them.

Content May Be King, But Relevant Content Is Even Better

Company pages on LinkedIn have often been valuable for users seeking job openings and general company news. Smart brands understand the value in over-delivering quality content. What’s even better than great content though is highly customized content because it’s based on users’ interests. Showcase Pages like the one for the Adobe Creative Cloud can reach subscribed users right on their smartphone with content that’s meaningful to them.

The Bottom Line

Building a presence on relevant social networks seems to be a winning strategy, but promoting focused content to a more targeted audience may be more compelling. Content marketing seems to be moving increasingly in a direction that focuses on delivering hyper-relevant content to a hyper-relevant audience. In a push to become an even better home for content marketing, LinkedIn and the Showcase Page may be the increased visibility and deeper engagement brands need. Will getting specific be the defining factor in brand development? For Adobe, Showcase Pages provide a logical next step and an opportunity to benefit users by giving them access to more relevant company updates and conversations—and that’s a smart next step for LinkedIn.