Adobe Showcase Page

Savvy con­sumers and pro­fes­sion­als seem to be increas­ingly inter­ested in LinkedIn as a plat­form to learn about busi­nesses they’re inter­ested in. More and more of my LinkedIn net­work is post­ing updates on per­sonal pages and fol­low­ing updates from favorite com­pa­nies. And with more than 3 mil­lion com­pany pages, there’s no short­age of pres­ence. But what if your brand wanted to high­light a sub­brand, niche divi­sion, or unique ini­tia­tive or nur­ture unique user groups sep­a­rate from your main com­pany page? Prior to Tues­day, you really couldn’t; every­one went through the main com­pany page. All that has changed with the arrival of LinkedIn’s newest fea­ture, Show­case Pages. So how will this new addi­tion to the LinkedIn port­fo­lio add up?

Adobe was among the hand­ful of brands invited to pilot Show­case Pages over the past few weeks. We used it to high­light our two core solu­tions: Adobe Cre­ative Cloud and Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud.

What It Is

LinkedIn’s Show­case Page allows com­pa­nies with broader port­fo­lios or audi­ences to cre­ate unique sub­pages in order to serve up more rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion to dif­fer­ent tar­get groups. For instance, con­sumers inter­ested in the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud can directly fol­low its Show­case Page with­out hav­ing to browse through every­thing the main Adobe pres­ence has to offer. Show­case Pages can be fol­lowed apart from the par­ent page, giv­ing brands the chance to tar­get engaged cus­tomers with highly cus­tomized and rel­e­vant social mar­ket­ing content.

Extend­ing Presence

Pro­fes­sion­als use LinkedIn as a resource for business-related news, but if they’re inter­ested in a spe­cific topic, a sin­gle com­pany page can be dif­fi­cult to nav­i­gate. For the ded­i­cated LinkedIn user, Group Pages do exist, but the con­tent on a Group Page is con­trolled by a LinkedIn admin­is­tra­tor or a spe­cific indi­vid­ual who is not always some­one from a brand. By con­trast, brands that cre­ate a Show­case Page can pub­lish updates and high­light niche brands and prod­ucts more effec­tively while keep­ing engage­ment with cus­tomers focused on the areas most rel­e­vant to them.

Con­tent May Be King, But Rel­e­vant Con­tent Is Even Better

Com­pany pages on LinkedIn have often been valu­able for users seek­ing job open­ings and gen­eral com­pany news. Smart brands under­stand the value in over-delivering qual­ity con­tent. What’s even bet­ter than great con­tent though is highly cus­tomized con­tent because it’s based on users’ inter­ests. Show­case Pages like the one for the Adobe Cre­ative Cloud can reach sub­scribed users right on their smart­phone with con­tent that’s mean­ing­ful to them.

The Bot­tom Line

Build­ing a pres­ence on rel­e­vant social net­works seems to be a win­ning strat­egy, but pro­mot­ing focused con­tent to a more tar­geted audi­ence may be more com­pelling. Con­tent mar­ket­ing seems to be mov­ing increas­ingly in a direc­tion that focuses on deliv­er­ing hyper-relevant con­tent to a hyper-relevant audi­ence. In a push to become an even bet­ter home for con­tent mar­ket­ing, LinkedIn and the Show­case Page may be the increased vis­i­bil­ity and deeper engage­ment brands need. Will get­ting spe­cific be the defin­ing fac­tor in brand devel­op­ment? For Adobe, Show­case Pages pro­vide a log­i­cal next step and an oppor­tu­nity to ben­e­fit users by giv­ing them access to more rel­e­vant com­pany updates and conversations—and that’s a smart next step for LinkedIn.