Adobe Media Optimizer, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, is our answer for digital advertisers who want optimum point solution capabilities associated with their paid social, search and display business, as well as a broader paid platform that combines cross-channel optimization with our entire Adobe Marketing Cloud stack. Every two weeks, our team releases enhancements and new functionality to ensure parity compliance with our publishing partners like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These updates also include new innovative features that align our point solution capabilities within Media Optimizer with the entire Adobe Marketing Cloud. 

Moving forward with each release, I’ll be providing updates on what some of these enhancements mean and how our Media Optimizer customers can leverage them to best manage paid social advertising efforts. Keep in mind that each release will have variability as Adobe operates using agile product development methodology. This means there might be more innovation within a specific category one week from the next depending upon the difficulty or significance of the update. Please share your feedback/questions via the comments section below or reach out to me on Twitter at @rebeccakw.

Here’s what we released today:

Mobile-ready enhancements and streamlined Facebook Exchange Campaign use are our focus for this Media Optimizer release. 


  • Streamlining Ad Types: In June, Facebook announced that certain Sponsored Results ad types would be deprecated. As a result, we’ve disabled these ad types since Facebook has also disabled them from their Ads API. This also includes the Offer Page Post (Online Only version) disablement, but we still have targeting capabilities associated with Facebook’s ONLINE + OFFLINE unit. 
  • Simplifying for Mobile: We’ve also introduced Feature Phone and Wi-Fi connection targeting in our Bulk Ad Creation capability, as well as Wireless Carrier Wi-Fi enablement. These are small updates with large implications as they ensure streamlined mobile-targeting for non-Android or iOS devices, or those not on Wi-Fi networks. 

 Facebook Exchange (FBX)

  • Newsfeed FBX Retargeting Now in BETA: We’ve enabled our FBX for newsfeed capability, which now gives our customers deploying FBX campaigns the added benefit of creating and targeting campaigns for newsfeed placement. This has been in the Alpha stage internally for the last several weeks and has been moved to a BETA status with testing on Adobe campaigns. 
  • Easier FBX Deployment for our Display-Only Customers:With this release, we’ve enabled our display-only customers to create FBX campaigns without the need for their own Facebook account. We’re happy to make this new feature available to our customers, based on the need and customer requests.
  • Worldwide Access: FBX campaign creation, targeting, and management are now available to all of our global markets, including the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, based on customer feedback.


About Adobe Media Optimizer

Adobe Media Optimizer is the industry’s first fully integrated digital advertising platform that delivers cross channel ad management and optimization across search, display and social media campaigns for peak return on investment. The solution delivers more than 300 million monthly prospects and customers and is used by more than 400 global customers across industries. Media Optimizer manages more than $2 billion in annualized ad spend.