We just released a new case study on how RPA, one of the largest independent advertising agencies, has been using our platform to manage Facebook Advertising on behalf of their clients.

After many successful years managing SEM via the Efficient Frontier Platform, RPA was happy to see that Facebook management was just as easy and effective. RPA uses our platform for key features such as auto-splitting Facebook targets, creating bulk ads, managing bulksheets, and viewing granular reporting. Because all of these features are part of an easy to use workflow, RPA has more time to focus on strategic marketing activities for their clients.

The results of RPA's Facebook campaigns have been successful. RPA has seen their clients' cost per like (CPL) go down by 12% as a result of Efficient Frontier's optimization and cost per interaction (CPI) for some Facebook campaigns has been 15% lower than comparable SEM campaigns.

To view the full case study click here.


Margarita Golod
Senior Product Marketing Manager