RetailerResolutions_cover As we’re work­ing closely with a num­ber of retail­ers to inte­grate search, dis­play and Face­book, we thought it would be use­ful to share some of our best prac­tices in a free guide avail­able to down­load here.

We recently pre­sented this paper at the Inter­net Retail­ing Expo and also at the inau­gural Effi­cient Fron­tier Per­for­mance Insti­tute Break­fast Sem­i­nar called “Top Tips for Retail­ers” at the Covent Gar­den Hotel in London.

The guide high­lights six trends that retail­ers need to be a part of if they want to max­imise the results they can gen­er­ate via per­for­mance mar­ket­ing. These include: util­is­ing cam­paigns which link real time stock infor­ma­tion to adver­tis­ing; ensur­ing that the adverts are not mak­ing promises that the retailer can no longer ful­fil; and tai­lor­ing results to cus­tomer intent and mak­ing an effort to under­stand the jour­ney that the cus­tomer makes prior to pur­chase. (The cus­tomer may make sev­eral generic searches via search engines before they even search for a spe­cific brand name, and by that stage their research may have led them to the same brand at each stage. How many ads had the cus­tomer seen before finally click­ing on the one that led them to that pur­chase? What can that infor­ma­tion reveal to the retailer?)

It’s also impor­tant for retail­ers to opti­mise cross-channel cam­paigns effec­tively. Our research has shown that TV ad cam­paigns can have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on search term per­for­mance, for exam­ple. Retail­ers have to aban­don a silo men­tal­ity. If a cus­tomer sees a good deal online, they want to be able to walk into a store and get that deal. Using unique iden­ti­fi­ca­tion num­bers on online coupons that the cus­tomer can redeem in store can make track­ing con­ver­sion much sim­pler for the retailer. It can also encour­age cus­tomers to make a pur­chase, espe­cially if they were reluc­tant to shop online.

Face­book is a really inter­est­ing chan­nel to watch. Face­book Cred­its are being sold offline in stores such as Tesco and Game, encour­ag­ing cus­tomers who are reluc­tant to part with their pay­ment details to spend money via Face­book. With such a large num­ber of users pro­vid­ing a rich source of data about them­selves there is no doubt that Face­book is becom­ing a major con­sid­er­a­tion for retail­ers under­tak­ing a per­for­mance mar­ket­ing cam­paign and some­thing that retail­ers should keep an eye on.

Down­load the full report here or to request the Pow­er­Point pre­sented at the two events, please get in touch via @efrontier.

Merinda Pep­pard
Global Mar­ket­ing Manager