RetailerResolutions_cover As we’re working closely with a number of retailers to integrate search, display and Facebook, we thought it would be useful to share some of our best practices in a free guide available to download here.

We recently presented this paper at the Internet Retailing Expo and also at the inaugural Efficient Frontier Performance Institute Breakfast Seminar called “Top Tips for Retailers” at the Covent Garden Hotel in London.

The guide highlights six trends that retailers need to be a part of if they want to maximise the results they can generate via performance marketing. These include: utilising campaigns which link real time stock information to advertising; ensuring that the adverts are not making promises that the retailer can no longer fulfil; and tailoring results to customer intent and making an effort to understand the journey that the customer makes prior to purchase. (The customer may make several generic searches via search engines before they even search for a specific brand name, and by that stage their research may have led them to the same brand at each stage. How many ads had the customer seen before finally clicking on the one that led them to that purchase? What can that information reveal to the retailer?)

It’s also important for retailers to optimise cross-channel campaigns effectively. Our research has shown that TV ad campaigns can have a significant impact on search term performance, for example. Retailers have to abandon a silo mentality. If a customer sees a good deal online, they want to be able to walk into a store and get that deal. Using unique identification numbers on online coupons that the customer can redeem in store can make tracking conversion much simpler for the retailer. It can also encourage customers to make a purchase, especially if they were reluctant to shop online.

Facebook is a really interesting channel to watch. Facebook Credits are being sold offline in stores such as Tesco and Game, encouraging customers who are reluctant to part with their payment details to spend money via Facebook. With such a large number of users providing a rich source of data about themselves there is no doubt that Facebook is becoming a major consideration for retailers undertaking a performance marketing campaign and something that retailers should keep an eye on.

Download the full report here or to request the PowerPoint presented at the two events, please get in touch via @efrontier.

Merinda Peppard
Global Marketing Manager