LinkedIn’s recent decision to open up a publishing platform to a select group of its members hasn’t stirred up nearly as much attention as I thought it would, despite what could become an opportunity for millions to share original content and build their personal and professional brand. I think this is one opportunity that may be flying under the radar.

Unlike LinkedIn’s Influencer program, which is strictly limited to a select few, the new publishing platform is likely to be expanded to all 277 million members after an initial pilot phase of 25,000 concludes. How does it work? Publish a post and instantly it becomes part of your public profile. Open publishing on LinkedIn has unique benefits, including the following.

A Wider Range of Contributors Extends Reach

Shared expertise has always been a good thing, but sometimes, some of the best knowledge isn’t readily available. In fact, prior to the open publishing tool, shared content on LinkedIn was limited to only those in your network, and interaction was restricted to LinkedIn contacts. Under the new program, post a blog and it can be seen by anyone and everyone who wants to read it, even those who aren’t currently connected to you. On the flip side, you can just as easily follow content from other LinkedIn members, even those who are not in your network.

A Strong Career Differentiator For Both Employees and Recruiters

For employees, LinkedIn has long been recognized and respected as a way to showcase your skills and expertise. But adding long-form blog content to a professional resume is an even better way to differentiate yourself in your industry. A well-written blog can connect thoughts about your field and identify, or even resolve, industry-specific challenges, creating valuable opportunities for individuals to deliver insight directly to a professional network. The best part? You don’t have to wonder if anyone will see it. Think about how many people worldwide have created professional blogs on platforms like WordPress or Blogger. LinkedIn is the most logical platform for such a blog to exist.

For recruiters, LinkedIn has always been a key resource for finding the best and brightest—that’s likely to stay the same. However, with open publishing, the quality of information available to HR professionals can only improve, highlighting not only skills and expertise, but personal and professional details that can help ensure employers find the right fit when scouting talent.

It will be interesting to see how LinkedIn publishing is received and whether or not the social media channel is successful at making the move to a legitimate publishing platform for both individuals and brand ambassadors. There’s a dual opportunity available here for motivated people to establish a personal and professional brand. And with no fee paid to contributors, LinkedIn might be the first to harness the power of professional expertise and distribute it without having to pay a dime.


I'm one of the users selected to contribute. Very interesting publishing opportunity, I think.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor

Creator and Host, Marketing Made Simple TV


I completely agree! Many people just don't write and publish content, which I think helps you stand out so much more as a prospective employee. I know as we consider interns to hire, we love to find a blog (even personal) and see the level of insight and writing they post online.