Face­book Exchange (FBX) in News­feed; Unpub­lished Page Post Track­ing Refine­ment for Adobe Ana­lyt­ics Customers

Every two weeks we release new Adobe Media Opti­mizer updates to stream­line man­age­ment and pub­lish­ing across our social, search and dis­play adver­tis­ing capa­bil­i­ties. Here’s a quick snap­shot of two recent and cru­cial social adver­tis­ing fea­ture updates to our Face­book offer­ing through Adobe Media Optimizer.

Face­book Exchange (FBX) in Newsfeed

For the past sev­eral months, we’ve been in beta for our FBX in News­feed capa­bil­ity. The value we’ve seen our cus­tomers har­ness through tra­di­tional “right rail” FBX retar­geted cam­paigns has been evi­dent. Now, we’re excited to bring this same retar­get­ing capa­bil­ity to the most valu­able real estate on Facebook.

Cus­tomers inter­ested in lever­ag­ing Face­book for dis­play retar­get­ing cam­paigns now have a choice of using right-rail ads and/or news­feed ads to max­i­mize reach and place­ment strate­gies depend­ing on busi­ness goals and tar­get­ing strate­gies. For our exist­ing Media Opti­mizer cus­tomers, you’ll note the work­flow hasn’t changed, buta new tar­get­ing option has just surfaced.


If you’re new to FBX, we can even man­age your cre­den­tials on your brand’s behalf so hav­ing an account directly with Face­book isn’t an issue.

Face­book Unpub­lished Page Post Track­ing  — Adobe Ana­lyt­ics Update

Track­ing click activ­ity through Face­book often requires cus­tomiza­tion given com­pat­i­bil­ity nuances required to sup­port the many ana­lyt­ics plat­forms on the mar­ket. To that end, we’ve rein­stated redi­rects on all Unpub­lished Page Post ad types to ensure end-to-end track­ing and con­ver­sa­tion suc­cess for Adobe Ana­lyt­ics cus­tomers. Track­ing redi­rects can be applied to video, image, offer and sta­tus updates asso­ci­ated with these post types.

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About Adobe Media Optimizer

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