Facebook Exchange (FBX) in Newsfeed; Unpublished Page Post Tracking Refinement for Adobe Analytics Customers

Every two weeks we release new Adobe Media Optimizer updates to streamline management and publishing across our social, search and display advertising capabilities. Here’s a quick snapshot of two recent and crucial social advertising feature updates to our Facebook offering through Adobe Media Optimizer.

Facebook Exchange (FBX) in Newsfeed

For the past several months, we’ve been in beta for our FBX in Newsfeed capability. The value we’ve seen our customers harness through traditional “right rail” FBX retargeted campaigns has been evident. Now, we’re excited to bring this same retargeting capability to the most valuable real estate on Facebook.

Customers interested in leveraging Facebook for display retargeting campaigns now have a choice of using right-rail ads and/or newsfeed ads to maximize reach and placement strategies depending on business goals and targeting strategies. For our existing Media Optimizer customers, you’ll note the workflow hasn’t changed, buta new targeting option has just surfaced.


If you’re new to FBX, we can even manage your credentials on your brand’s behalf so having an account directly with Facebook isn’t an issue.

Facebook Unpublished Page Post Tracking  – Adobe Analytics Update

Tracking click activity through Facebook often requires customization given compatibility nuances required to support the many analytics platforms on the market. To that end, we’ve reinstated redirects on all Unpublished Page Post ad types to ensure end-to-end tracking and conversation success for Adobe Analytics customers. Tracking redirects can be applied to video, image, offer and status updates associated with these post types.

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