The travel and hospitality industry takes care of their customers, and it shows online. The Adobe Digital Index team analyzed 1.4 billion social mentions (data source: Adobe Social) from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, and Tumblr, across 800 companies, 6 major industries, and 38 countries, and found that average social media sentiment score is the highest for the Travel industry. Over the last year this industry generated a higher proportion of positive social buzz than the other industries. In second place, the automotive industry isn’t far behind, generating a similar portion of positive social mentions.

Sentiment analysis allows Adobe customers to rank social mentions from 1 [negative] to 10 [positive], with 5 being neutral in order to track the effectiveness of their social marketing efforts.

Average social sentiment by industry

Those cheery Brits

We’ve also found that social buzz in the UK and Canada averages much higher in sentiment than that in the US or Australia. The UK has held a solid lead over the last year—on average .25 sentiment points higher than the US, Canada, and Australia—reaching its highest point at 5.75 in June of 2013.  What’s with those grouchy Americans and Australians?

Average social sentiment in English speaking countries

Overall, sentiment is up

Social sentiment for the United States is on the rise! Over the last year the average sentiment has improved to 0.28 sentiment points above neutral. The lowest sentiment in 2012 occurred surprisingly in the summer months. Kudos to those overworked social media marketers—your hard work is paying off!

 US trended social sentiment

Why does this matter?

As more and more consumers are choosing social networks to interact with their favorite products, brands, and companies, it is becoming an increasingly important part of every business’ marketing and customer support. Social listening is an important tool marketers can use to measure response to their marketing campaigns, respond to troubled customers, and identify and reach new potential segments.

Companies and brands have a lot to lose (or gain) from social as negative social mentions can have significant influence in consumer purchasing behavior. Companies in the travel industry especially have an opportunity to create positive social buzz having so many social touch-points with their customers, including before, during, and after their trip or stay. By providing great experiences for customers—even when problems occur—they will be able to generate more positive buzz about their company and service.

Social media gives every consumer a bullhorn to voice their opinion. For companies in these industries to stay competitive, they need to stay on top of social!

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