At Efficient Frontier, we’re pretty big believers in the value of the social click on Facebook. Social clicks are clicks on ads that include a social endorsement from a connection, and we’ve seen that clicks have growing importance on campaign success.  We’re also huge fans of Sponsored Stories on Facebook (we have all seven types integrated into our platform), ads that have content that consists wholly of the endorsement.  Our data shows that Sponsored Stories are significantly more effective than other ad types in Facebook.

Perfect. Let’s push clients all-in on social ads. But here’s the catch. You need fans to create social ads. Yet social ads get you fans.  So what’s a marketer to do? 

The key is to ensure that brands have the activity (likes, posts, check-ins, apps used, games played) that create endorsements and the content for sponsored stories. The only way to generate this activity is to build an engaging experience with compelling content.  Standard ads and other marketing techniques can jump-start a fan base. 

 Once your fan base is active with your brand, social ads accelerate the cycle: more fans, more activity, more value, more social ads, more fans… 

 Justin Merickel, VP of Marketing and New Product Development