Irritated movie buffs took to social media in droves last night to express their frustration that their favorites failed to take home the coveted statue. But on a positive note, the Academy Awards were a more social event than ever before with more than 5.6 million social mentions. In addition, show host Ellen Degeneres’ star filled selfie broke retweet records.

Adobe Digital Index has analyzed 8.2 million social mentions since the day of Academy Award nominations. Leonardo DiCaprio (nominated for “Best Actor”) and Jennifer Lawrence (nominated for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role”), who were both heavy social buzz favorites going into the event, were less popular on social by the end of the show, according to Adobe Digital Index.

Adobe Marketing Cloud, used in compiling this analysis, incorporates sen­ti­ment analy­sis ranking social men­tions from 1 (neg­a­tive) to 10 (pos­i­tive), with 5 being neu­tral, in order to track the public’s feelings of their social mar­ket­ing efforts. Sentiment of Oscar-related tweets of DiCaprio dropped nearly 25% from the beginning of the show to the end. Lawrence saw a similar drop after her loss.

Social Buzz Sentiment

Still, some Academy picks aligned with prior social buzz for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role,” “Best Picture,” and “Best Actress.” Jared Leto, “12 Years a Slave,” and Cate Blanchett were all leading social buzz in their respective categories when the Oscars started on Sunday. Leto, in fact, produced the largest social buzz margin of victory, with 22x more social buzz than any other nominee.

Use Social Buzz To Your Advantage 
It’s not uncommon for the Academy to deviate from popular opinion, so last night’s negative buzz is likely to fall on deaf ears. For marketers, however, analysis of social mentions and sentiment remains a valuable tool. A recent analysis of Super Bowl advertisers, for example, showed the power of tracking social media mentions to understand marketing audiences.

Indeed, events such as the Academy Awards and Super Bowl bring large audiences together at a specific time, causing viewers to massively increase their use of mobile browsing and social media to continue the pop-culture conversation.

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