Just how big is the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia this week?

According to @treybrantley, the Super Bowl, World Series and even Xmas vacation are no match for arguably the most well-known golf tournament of the year.

There may be some precedence for this. There have been some amazing tournament finishes, and golfers are no longer unknown athletes. Thanks in part to the presence of Tiger Woods (over 3 million Twitter followers). Past personal struggles aside, Tiger was at one point the most awe-inducing golfer to watch — he won, and won, and won again — and helped the PGA amass huge growth in golf viewers. Tiger won the Masters four times, and then he slid…but now he’s back up! Currently the #1 golfer in the world, though he hasn’t won a “major” tournament since 2008 and it’s been eight years since his last Masters victory.

Another hot storyline is fan fave and last year’s winner Bubba Watson. Can he do it again? Was he a flash in the pan? And Bubba — to finally get to the point of this post — is seriously social savvy. As Sree Sreenivasan so astutely wrote on CNET after last year’s Masters, there are a lot of things we can all learn about doing social media right from Bubba. Bubba also led a golf pro “boy band” that put out a video on YouTube for charity, that thus far has garnered over 6 million views.

Us folks on the Adobe social media team posit that this year’s Masters will be the most social yet, and the industry’s top golf magazine, Golf Digest, is thinking social first too. Our Adobe team is working with them on their Golf Digest Social Hub. The online magazine is curating tweets from their writers and editors, as well as the tournament golfers. You can watch the feed, and you can also see some of the data the Adobe Marketing Cloud is helping them pull in, such as trending terms, and clicks to the site related to what’s happening in the tournament.

Second Screen

This year, the second screen experience will be big. More people this year, compared to last, will be in front of their TV’s with their tablets. They will be watching and tweeting mainly, maybe watching and blogging, or watching and Vine-ing even. There will be a lot of us doing this, and thus us social media folks here at Adobe are asking: just how much? Will the number of people taking part on social media correlate to better “Masters” brand lift? Will TV coverage catch all the golf memes coming from the event? How many viral Vines might there be that the socially-connected golf fans will get that the TV-only golf fans will miss? Will the socially connected golf fans feel “closer” to the tournament? We’re going to try to find out.

So we only ask of you 2 things:

  • Take Part!

If you are a golf fan or not, join the #TheMasters conversations on Twitter. Do it from your computer and laptop. Get connected.

  • Stay tuned to this blog!

We’ll post an update on Friday with our first trend findings, and we’ll predict what we think we’ll see over the weekend. After the tourney we’ll share our final findings…

Play ball golf!