Just how big is the Mas­ters golf tour­na­ment in Augusta, Geor­gia this week?

Accord­ing to @treybrantley, the Super Bowl, World Series and even Xmas vaca­tion are no match for arguably the most well-known golf tour­na­ment of the year.

There may be some prece­dence for this. There have been some amaz­ing tour­na­ment fin­ishes, and golfers are no longer unknown ath­letes. Thanks in part to the pres­ence of Tiger Woods (over 3 mil­lion Twit­ter fol­low­ers). Past per­sonal strug­gles aside, Tiger was at one point the most awe-inducing golfer to watch — he won, and won, and won again — and helped the PGA amass huge growth in golf view­ers. Tiger won the Mas­ters four times, and then he slid…but now he’s back up! Cur­rently the #1 golfer in the world, though he hasn’t won a “major” tour­na­ment since 2008 and it’s been eight years since his last Mas­ters victory.

Another hot sto­ry­line is fan fave and last year’s win­ner Bubba Wat­son. Can he do it again? Was he a flash in the pan? And Bubba — to finally get to the point of this post — is seri­ously social savvy. As Sree Sreeni­vasan so astutely wrote on CNET after last year’s Mas­ters, there are a lot of things we can all learn about doing social media right from Bubba. Bubba also led a golf pro “boy band” that put out a video on YouTube for char­ity, that thus far has gar­nered over 6 mil­lion views.

Us folks on the Adobe social media team posit that this year’s Mas­ters will be the most social yet, and the industry’s top golf mag­a­zine, Golf Digest, is think­ing social first too. Our Adobe team is work­ing with them on their Golf Digest Social Hub. The online mag­a­zine is curat­ing tweets from their writ­ers and edi­tors, as well as the tour­na­ment golfers. You can watch the feed, and you can also see some of the data the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud is help­ing them pull in, such as trend­ing terms, and clicks to the site related to what’s hap­pen­ing in the tournament.

Second Screen

This year, the sec­ond screen expe­ri­ence will be big. More peo­ple this year, com­pared to last, will be in front of their TV’s with their tablets. They will be watch­ing and tweet­ing mainly, maybe watch­ing and blog­ging, or watch­ing and Vine–ing even. There will be a lot of us doing this, and thus us social media folks here at Adobe are ask­ing: just how much? Will the num­ber of peo­ple tak­ing part on social media cor­re­late to bet­ter “Mas­ters” brand lift? Will TV cov­er­age catch all the golf memes com­ing from the event? How many viral Vines might there be that the socially-connected golf fans will get that the TV-only golf fans will miss? Will the socially con­nected golf fans feel “closer” to the tour­na­ment? We’re going to try to find out.

So we only ask of you 2 things:

  • Take Part!

If you are a golf fan or not, join the #The­Mas­ters con­ver­sa­tions on Twit­ter. Do it from your com­puter and lap­top. Get connected.

  • Stay tuned to this blog!

We’ll post an update on Fri­day with our first trend find­ings, and we’ll pre­dict what we think we’ll see over the week­end. After the tour­ney we’ll share our final findings…

Play ball golf!