As social media has matured as a mar­ket­ing chan­nel, mar­keters are increas­ingly tasked with prov­ing the ROI for their social spend. The abil­ity to reach the right audi­ence, at the right time, with the right mes­sage, is just as cru­cial to social mar­ket­ing as it is to other chan­nels, and mar­kets are deploy­ing a num­ber of con­tent opti­miza­tion tech­niques to ensure they’re max­i­miz­ing the poten­tial of the chan­nel. But it’s not entirely clear what meth­ods are most fre­quently used and which are most effective.

Adobe and Soft­ware Advice want to help answer this ques­tion and give orga­ni­za­tions insight into best prac­tices for opti­miz­ing social con­tent. To uncover these insights, we pro­duced the Social Media Con­tent Opti­miza­tion Sur­vey, which you can take now by click­ing here. It should take about 10 min­utes to complete.

We want to pro­vide a bench­mark for social media mar­keters to com­pare their per­for­mance to their peers. In addi­tion to iden­ti­fy­ing which social con­tent opti­miza­tion tac­tics achieve the best results, we’ll be able to answer these questions:

  • Which social media con­tent opti­miza­tion tac­tics are the most popular?
  • How suc­cess­ful are com­pa­nies at reach­ing their social media mar­ket­ing goals?
  • How often do com­pa­nies post con­tent to their social media networks?
  • How far in advance do they sched­ule social media posts?
  • How do they deter­mine the opti­mal times to post on social media?
  • What per­cent of com­pa­nies use soft­ware to man­age their social media content?

Once the data is com­piled, we’ll sur­face it on both Soft­ware Advice and Adobe’s dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing blog.

Adobe also recently announced sig­nif­i­cant upgrades to Adobe Social, which enable mar­keters to more eas­ily man­age cam­paigns across social plat­forms and pro­vide tools for automat­ing many of the social con­tent opti­miza­tion processes we exam­ine in the sur­vey. If you haven’t taken a look at it in the last few months, it’s worth revisiting.