It’s every­where.

Some­times, it feels like IT’S ALL ANYONE TALKS ABOUT ANYMORE.

Social Media.

And you and your com­pany are bring­ing your A-Game, yes you are.

So let’s see.

Twit­ter Accounts. Check.

Face­book Fan Page. Check.

Youtube video con­tent. Check.

You’re engaged.  Absolutely.

(And I guess this is the part where I, of course, rain on your parade).

What’s your strategy?

What’s your end goal?

Does it align to your company’s busi­ness plans?

Because here is the thing.

It’s not so much about how many fans you have.  If you are not empow­er­ing, inspir­ing or engag­ing them.

It doesn’t mat­ter how much you tweet.  If  nobody is lis­ten­ing or ACTING on what you are chirp­ing about.

One of our Omni­ture part­ners, Exact­Tar­get, pub­lished a MUST READ for any com­pany look­ing to engage in social media.  The piece is called “Let­ters to the C-Suite — Get­ting Seri­ous About Social Media.”

Many social media prac­ti­tion­ers have read this or seen this white paper mak­ing the rounds.

I highy, HIGHLY rec­om­mend that you read this as you develop your own Social Media brand and presence.

You’ve got noth­ing to lose.

So bring your tweet on.