Today is an exciting day for Efficient Frontier. We’ve just announced that we’ve acquired Context Optional, thereby creating the first comprehensive suite of solutions for social media marketing. Context Optional has quickly become a leader in enterprise social marketing solutions, maintaining and engaging audiences on behalf of major Fortune 500 companies. Joining forces with Context Optional was a natural next step for Efficient Frontier as we continue to become the leading global digital marketing company.

This acquisition will significantly expand our social media offerings and create the first unified solution for managing and optimizing Facebook fan acquisition through to fan retention and engagement. Marketers will also have a complete suite of online marketing solutions available to them across some of their most important social networks — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

By combining our complementary companies, we’ve created a seamless and unique level of efficiency for our clients — something they’ve repeatedly asked for and we’re thrilled to be able to provide.

As a result of this acquisition, marketers will be able to:

  • More efficiently target audiences based on social engagement insights and continually refine their Facebook application experiences to better match their audiences’ interests
  • Deliver a seamless and measurable end user experience with consistent, integrated advertising and social marketing content
  • Better track their campaigns through integrated analytics to receive a more complete view of performance

We believe that this acquisition will broaden Efficient Frontier’s offerings even further, expanding beyond our roots as a search engine marketing company. While SEM remains core to our business, our scope goes far beyond that, and includes holistically managing and optimizing display and social media advertising on behalf of our clients. We look forward to moving into the (pardon the pun) new frontier of digital marketing with Context Optional as an integral part of our future.


David Karnstedt
President and CEO