Instagram Mention in Social Buzz Report

Three weeks ago, we announced the final countdown to the general release of the all new Adobe Social! Today, we’re proud to announce that the enhanced solution has successfully launched! Check out the press release, and continue to tune into this blog for deep dives on the new features and functionality. Here, we’ll focus on new listening sources—meaning the new social platforms we’ve integrated into Adobe Social to provide customers more comprehensive listening and analytics tools. Keep in mind this is just the beginning of our expansion, as this is huge area of focus throughout 2013 and beyond; expect more social platforms to join the Adobe Social family soon!

New Social Listening Data Sources

As many of us in marketing believe, the social web is a holy grail of customer information such as likes, interests, and preferences. Yet the challenge for marketers is how to capitalize on this information and capture specific insights pertinent to their brand. Through buzz monitoring platforms, like Adobe Social, marketers can leverage social listening data to understand brand preferences, identify product and service issues, and surface trends, business opportunities, and even brand threats.

Our customers already received access to the full Twitter fire hose, public data on lots more social networks, and millions of blogs, forums, and message boards. With the launch of the all new Adobe Social, we’ve added some important sources to this arsenal:

  • Visual social networks: Instagram and Flickr. The rapid proliferation and popularity of image- and animated GIF-based social networks has been pretty astonishing; it’s revolutionized the way we share news and personal updates across not just those networks (Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr), but also traditionally text-based networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now, Instagram and Flickr are part of our social listening data toolkit, which will give marketers a way to see how customers are expressing their advocacy (or frustration, or product preferences…) through the visual medium. It’s pretty awesome to see how the Instagram images are brought right into your feed in our Social Buzz report—check out this Photoshop mention on the left.
  • Location-based social networks: Foursquare. Foursquare data gives marketers valuable access to local, real-time check-ins and buzz around their brands or stores. We’ll pick up Foursquare mentions any time a tracked term shows up in an update or tip, and for those of you with brick and mortar stores, we’ll pull in check-ins to your stores along with that critical location data.

In addition to new data sources, stay tuned for information on Advanced Listening features coming to Adobe Social soon. We’ll be adding enhanced segmentation, filtering, and query logic to ensure our customers can analyze the right social conversations and get to insight and action faster than ever.

That’s all for now, folks. We are thrilled about the launch, and we’ll keep up this blog series to help you understand the value the exciting new features and functionality bring. As always, follow @AdobeSocial on Twitter for the latest and please share this with interested colleagues and/or everyone you know.