With the new Adobe Social, launched two weeks ago, we were focused on help­ing social mar­keters do two crit­i­cal things: save time and improve per­for­mance. Social con­tent was an area our cus­tomers told us was top of mind: With dig­i­tal con­sumers bom­barded by so many brand and con­tent touch­points in a given day, social mar­keters need to deliver enough high-quality, rel­e­vant con­tent to keep their social audi­ences engaged–and increase inter­nal effi­cien­cies in the process.

Last week we intro­duced you to the new func­tion­al­ity we’re bring­ing to Adobe Social’s con­tent pub­lish­ing capa­bil­i­ties, includ­ing multi-platform and pre­dic­tive pub­lish­ing and a mobile-optimized UI. Pre­dic­tive publishing–a market-first capa­bil­ity that lever­ages your company’s social data and insights to effi­ciently deliver con­tent more likely to engage social audiences–has peo­ple pretty excited, and we can’t wait to share some results with you now that our cus­tomers are up and running.

But for now, get ready to meet the all-new mul­ti­tal­ented Adobe Social con­tent calendar!


The con­tent cal­en­dar is the new heart­beat of Adobe Social: the cen­tral hub that houses all the con­tent across your organization’s social pres­ence. (What you see depends on your per­mis­sions, of course.) It has mul­ti­ple views and robust fil­ters to make sure you can get to the right con­tent; lots of in-line func­tion­al­ity so you don’t have to jump around to dif­fer­ent plat­form mod­ules to edit and pub­lish your con­tent; and built-in col­lab­o­ra­tion fea­tures to enable effi­cient teamwork.

The New Adobe Social Content Calendar

The New Adobe Social Con­tent Calendar

A Holis­tic View

On the strate­gic side, we knew the con­tent cal­en­dar needed to give social mar­keters a holis­tic view of their drafted and sched­uled content–and our Week and Month views do just that, with posts color-coded by cam­paign and iden­ti­fied by social prop­erty logo. Mar­keters can see at a glance, for exam­ple, whether there’s enough Face­book cov­er­age of the August Back to School cam­paign. But the List view is where the real action hap­pens; let’s dig in.

One Stop Shop

Edit and collaborate in-line using List View

Edit and col­lab­o­rate in-line using List View

The List view shows mar­keters their sched­uled or drafted con­tent with details like the post con­tent, media, audi­ence, plat­form, and cam­paign all clearly dis­played. But what we’re really excited about is how much you can actu­ally do with the con­tent right from here. Click­ing into any post imme­di­ately allows you to edit the con­tent, image, date, audi­ence tar­gets, social prop­er­ties, cam­paigns, and more. In addi­tion to edit­ing the posts, you can take actions like Pre­view, Delete, Pub­lish, or Cre­ate Tem­plate (a sav­able draft that can be used again and again).

Soon we’ll be adding even more in-line func­tion­al­ity to help you do more in less time–like bring­ing in Post Ana­lyt­ics for already pub­lished con­tent, so you can lever­age insights about what’s res­onat­ing best out there to opti­mize your con­tent in real time.

Team­work & Collaboration

Sharable post templates

Sharable post templates

Adding inter­nal col­lab­o­ra­tion fea­tures was a big focus of the all new Adobe Social, and we’re just get­ting started with the Con­tent Cal­en­dar. Time-stamped Notes on each post allow for real-time edit­ing col­lab­o­ra­tion (par­tic­u­larly use­ful for Drafts), and all those inter­ac­tions are saved for record-keeping pur­poses. Social mar­keters also have Tem­plates at their disposal–think of them as Drafts that can be used again and again and shared across users and groups. They make it really easy for cor­po­rate teams to dis­trib­ute com­pli­ant con­tent glob­ally and enable local man­agers to edit it as nec­es­sary. Expect us to build in more task assign­ment and col­lab­o­ra­tion fea­tures soon!

Thanks for tun­ing in this week. We’ll be back soon with more about the all new Adobe Social, and be sure to fol­low @AdobeSocial on Twit­ter for the latest!