With the new Adobe Social, launched two weeks ago, we were focused on helping social marketers do two critical things: save time and improve performance. Social content was an area our customers told us was top of mind: With digital consumers bombarded by so many brand and content touchpoints in a given day, social marketers need to deliver enough high-quality, relevant content to keep their social audiences engaged–and increase internal efficiencies in the process.

Last week we introduced you to the new functionality we’re bringing to Adobe Social’s content publishing capabilities, including multi-platform and predictive publishing and a mobile-optimized UI. Predictive publishing–a market-first capability that leverages your company’s social data and insights to efficiently deliver content more likely to engage social audiences–has people pretty excited, and we can’t wait to share some results with you now that our customers are up and running.

But for now, get ready to meet the all-new multitalented Adobe Social content calendar!


The content calendar is the new heartbeat of Adobe Social: the central hub that houses all the content across your organization’s social presence. (What you see depends on your permissions, of course.) It has multiple views and robust filters to make sure you can get to the right content; lots of in-line functionality so you don’t have to jump around to different platform modules to edit and publish your content; and built-in collaboration features to enable efficient teamwork.

The New Adobe Social Content Calendar

The New Adobe Social Content Calendar

A Holistic View

On the strategic side, we knew the content calendar needed to give social marketers a holistic view of their drafted and scheduled content–and our Week and Month views do just that, with posts color-coded by campaign and identified by social property logo. Marketers can see at a glance, for example, whether there’s enough Facebook coverage of the August Back to School campaign. But the List view is where the real action happens; let’s dig in.

One Stop Shop

Edit and collaborate in-line using List View

Edit and collaborate in-line using List View

The List view shows marketers their scheduled or drafted content with details like the post content, media, audience, platform, and campaign all clearly displayed. But what we’re really excited about is how much you can actually do with the content right from here. Clicking into any post immediately allows you to edit the content, image, date, audience targets, social properties, campaigns, and more. In addition to editing the posts, you can take actions like Preview, Delete, Publish, or Create Template (a savable draft that can be used again and again).

Soon we’ll be adding even more in-line functionality to help you do more in less time–like bringing in Post Analytics for already published content, so you can leverage insights about what’s resonating best out there to optimize your content in real time.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Sharable post templates

Sharable post templates

Adding internal collaboration features was a big focus of the all new Adobe Social, and we’re just getting started with the Content Calendar. Time-stamped Notes on each post allow for real-time editing collaboration (particularly useful for Drafts), and all those interactions are saved for record-keeping purposes. Social marketers also have Templates at their disposal–think of them as Drafts that can be used again and again and shared across users and groups. They make it really easy for corporate teams to distribute compliant content globally and enable local managers to edit it as necessary. Expect us to build in more task assignment and collaboration features soon!

Thanks for tuning in this week. We’ll be back soon with more about the all new Adobe Social, and be sure to follow @AdobeSocial on Twitter for the latest!