About 3 weeks ago, we launched our new Digital Marketing campaignInitial results from PR, social media and web traffic have been very positive.  Now, we will take a deeper look at how aspects of our paid media and social strategy are doing.

Learning #1:  People like videos.

Our goal was to break through the barrage of messages out in the market. We chose to use humorous videos to capture the attention and engage with marketers.  Our paid and social media has leveraged three videos: BS Detector, The Slap, and The Robot, that align with the myths of Marketing is BS, Social Media is Worthless, and Marketers Hate Big Data, respectively.

What we are finding is that the videos are proving to be some of the best performing content of the campaign.

Initial Results: Within paid media, video placements have a CTR and visit rate that is 4x the overall campaign average.  On the social media side our video seeding strategy is working well with over 1M views of the videos on YouTube.  In fact, The Slap video is Adobe’s best performing video on YouTube of all time.  Based on these positive initial results, we’re increasing our use of the videos.  The real question is if these videos are helping to increase awareness of Adobe Marketing Cloud. We will be reporting on that soon.

Learning #2:  The current, more passive, experience of our Facebook app is not meeting our goals.

Built and managed with Adobe Social, our Facebook app featuring our initial live debate on Oct. 25, garnered great exposure, sparked social engagement, and helped to significantly increase our social community – now over 25K. But, we’ve not sustained that level of performance.

Initial Results: After the live debate, the app became a destination for the community to replay the debate – a passive viewing experience with limited ways to really engage. The video views and engagement have decreased significantly as a result.  Based on these and other insights from Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics, we are revising the app component of our social strategy.  Stay tuned.

Learning #3:  The integrated campaign approach is working.

Per my first blog post, this is a fully integrated campaign with the primary goal to raise awareness of Adobe Marketing Cloud.  We established goals for lead generation and conversion, but we kept the demand marketing budget flat.  By doing this, we can see the impact of unified messaging and investment in building awareness.  

Initial Results:  Using Adobe Analytics, we know that the campaign has driven direct inquiries at 1.2x our weekly target.  More significantly, increased awareness has generated an impressive indirect impact.  Inquiries for the first three weeks of the campaign as compared to the three weeks prior are up 40%.  We’ll obviously continue to monitor the quality of these leads over time and their conversion to sales and revenue.

More to come:

Please let me know if you are finding these blog posts and our Ultimate Case Study interesting. What would you like to hear about next?

Keep checking back to our web site and the blog posts to learn more about the campaign results and insights.   We will have more insights and learnings to share in the weeks ahead.