About 3 weeks ago, we launched our new Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing cam­paignIni­tial results from PR, social media and web traf­fic have been very pos­i­tive.  Now, we will take a deeper look at how aspects of our paid media and social strat­egy are doing.

Learn­ing #1:  Peo­ple like videos.

Our goal was to break through the bar­rage of mes­sages out in the mar­ket. We chose to use humor­ous videos to cap­ture the atten­tion and engage with mar­keters.  Our paid and social media has lever­aged three videos: BS Detec­tor, The Slap, and The Robot, that align with the myths of Mar­ket­ing is BS, Social Media is Worth­less, and Mar­keters Hate Big Data, respectively.

What we are find­ing is that the videos are prov­ing to be some of the best per­form­ing con­tent of the campaign.

Ini­tial Results: Within paid media, video place­ments have a CTR and visit rate that is 4x the over­all cam­paign aver­age.  On the social media side our video seed­ing strat­egy is work­ing well with over 1M views of the videos on YouTube.  In fact, The Slap video is Adobe’s best per­form­ing video on YouTube of all time.  Based on these pos­i­tive ini­tial results, we’re increas­ing our use of the videos.  The real ques­tion is if these videos are help­ing to increase aware­ness of Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud. We will be report­ing on that soon.

Learn­ing #2:  The cur­rent, more pas­sive, expe­ri­ence of our Face­book app is not meet­ing our goals.

Built and man­aged with Adobe Social, our Face­book app fea­tur­ing our ini­tial live debate on Oct. 25, gar­nered great expo­sure, sparked social engage­ment, and helped to sig­nif­i­cantly increase our social com­mu­nity – now over 25K. But, we’ve not sus­tained that level of performance.

Ini­tial Results: After the live debate, the app became a des­ti­na­tion for the com­mu­nity to replay the debate — a pas­sive view­ing expe­ri­ence with lim­ited ways to really engage. The video views and engage­ment have decreased sig­nif­i­cantly as a result.  Based on these and other insights from Adobe Social and Adobe Ana­lyt­ics, we are revis­ing the app com­po­nent of our social strat­egy.  Stay tuned.

Learn­ing #3:  The inte­grated cam­paign approach is working.

Per my first blog post, this is a fully inte­grated cam­paign with the pri­mary goal to raise aware­ness of Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud.  We estab­lished goals for lead gen­er­a­tion and con­ver­sion, but we kept the demand mar­ket­ing bud­get flat.  By doing this, we can see the impact of uni­fied mes­sag­ing and invest­ment in build­ing awareness.  

Ini­tial Results:  Using Adobe Ana­lyt­ics, we know that the cam­paign has dri­ven direct inquiries at 1.2x our weekly tar­get.  More sig­nif­i­cantly, increased aware­ness has gen­er­ated an impres­sive indi­rect impact.  Inquiries for the first three weeks of the cam­paign as com­pared to the three weeks prior are up 40%.  We’ll obvi­ously con­tinue to mon­i­tor the qual­ity of these leads over time and their con­ver­sion to sales and revenue.

More to come:

Please let me know if you are find­ing these blog posts and our Ulti­mate Case Study inter­est­ing. What would you like to hear about next?

Keep check­ing back to our web site and the blog posts to learn more about the cam­paign results and insights.   We will have more insights and learn­ings to share in the weeks ahead.