Our dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing cam­paign has been in the mar­ket for over a month.  Let’s dive deeper into the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud web site expe­ri­ence and get an update on our social marketing.

Learn­ing #1:

Brand-focused paid media dri­ves sig­nif­i­cant traf­fic to our web site, but at a lower engage­ment rates then other traf­fic sources.

In our ini­tial results we reported that web traf­fic had grown sig­nif­i­cantly.  This has con­tin­ued with over half being dri­ven by paid media.

The key met­rics for our web site include engage­ment pat­terns to bounce rates to inquiries.

Using insights from Adobe Ana­lyt­ics the cur­rent site was designed to effec­tively deliver our main Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud mes­sage. We expected the influx of vis­i­tors from brand-focused ads to click through at lower rates than demand-focused cam­paigns, so they had to get our key mes­sage quickly.

Ini­tial results:  A major­ity of vis­i­tors who engage are click­ing on the solu­tion tabs at the top and explor­ing the solu­tion pages. Organic traf­fic is engag­ing at higher rates and going deeper into the site than paid traffic.

Over­all bounce rates have decreased by 5% com­pared to our pre­vi­ous dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing site.  They are down by 13% for organic traf­fic. We didn’t have a base­line for paid media traffic.

Sig­nif­i­cantly, web-based inquiries are up 180% for the cam­paign period.

Mov­ing ahead:  We will con­tinue to use Adobe Ana­lyt­ics and Adobe Tar­get to opti­mize and per­son­al­ize the web expe­ri­ence.  Based on the suc­cess of the cam­paign ‘ad’ videos we are using them more and cre­at­ing new videos. We are fea­tur­ing the offers that result in inquiries and qual­i­fied sales leads.

In the short term, our goal is to achieve an addi­tional 10% decrease in bounce rates and a 10% increase for web-based inquiries.

Learn­ing #2:  Pro­moted Tweets are improv­ing the per­for­mance of our “Met­rics, Not Myths” Face­book app, and help­ing to build our social community.

Since my pre­vi­ous ulti­mate case study blog post, we mod­i­fied our social strat­egy to include a lim­ited amount of addi­tional paid pro­mo­tion to drive increased vis­i­bil­ity to the app, page and spe­cific tweets. We started a Pro­moted Tweets cam­paigns on 11/19, and began to pro­mote the app on 11/26. We are revis­ing our Face­book ads strat­egy due to what we deter­mined was cre­ative fatigue, and it will re-launch later this week.  We also realigned our resources for more active man­age­ment of our Twit­ter and Face­book paid media.  We still plan to roll out the next phase of our social strat­egy in January.

Ini­tial results:  Views and unique vis­i­tors to the Face­book app are both up about 2.5x over the daily aver­age since 10/26, when we ini­tially stopped paid media.  This is due pri­mar­ily to the Pro­moted Tweets.

We’ve seen two con­sec­u­tive weeks of improved CTRs for the Pro­moted Tweets. Our social com­mu­nity on Face­book and Twit­ter con­tin­ues to grow – up 75%.

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Keep check­ing back to our Adobe ulti­mate case study web site and the Adobe blog posts to learn more about the cam­paign results and insights.   We will have more insights and learn­ings to share in the weeks ahead.