Over the weekend Mashable ran a story highlighting the NFL’s status as a leader in the social space.  The NFL uses social to drive increased fan engagement and improve online fan communication—in short, to give fans more opportunities to experience and engage with what’s happening in real time and behind the scenes at the NFL. Whether it’s new technologies, cross-platform engagement strategies, pop culture synergies, or getting smarter about leveraging the rich consumer data available online, the NFL is doing just about everything right.

And how big is the social team they must have, you ask, to empower them to be this innovative and proactive? The number will surprise you: one man strong. Duane Munn, the social media manager for NFL.com and NFL Network, has a demanding job; he’s available around the clock to keep the NFL relevant and on top of emerging topics and trends. But luckily he has a powerful tool to help him do it: Adobe Social. “You always have to be aware and have your hand on the pulse,” he says, and to do that he prefers to “pay attention to trending topics and intelligent measures to make sure each post gets traction.”

Munn and the NFL use Adobe Social to monitor online trending players, keywords, and buzz; track sentiment; identify key content creators and sources online to join the conversation; and harness rich real-time data about consumer preferences and behaviors to run a data-driven social program that truly engages their fans. Now there’s an MVP in the making!

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