Earlier this week, Twitter announced its new ads targeting capability for brands seeking to deliver more relevant, time-sensitive, and targeted messages to Twitter followers. Targeting keywords in Promoted Tweets provides brands with the ability to learn about a user’s intent and deliver deep relevance to highly-qualified prospects and current customers, based on their actions and associated keywords.

Use Case: Twitter illustrates an example whereby a user tweets about a favorite band they like. That band has a concert in their local market. Based on this information, that band (brand) can then create a paid ad with a link to concert tickets for that user – and users like them.

We believe this is a tremendous, and natural progression, for Twitter. We’re happy to announce that we have enabled this capability within Adobe Media Optimizer as part of the targeting capabilities for Promoted Tweets. Our customers can take full advantage of Twitter’s Ads API capabilities – including the new keyword targeting capability. Additionally, Media Optimizer customers can access robust social advertising performance features – inherent in Media Optimizer – like bulk creative upload and management capabilities, cross-channel reporting, and bid/budget management, as well as attribution insights across channel.

Read the announcement from Twitter for more information on keyword targeting in timelines and stay tuned for more Media Optimizer updates.


About Adobe Media Optimizer

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