Our webinar series has covered interesting topics and received great participation, but this week’s webinar, “Google+: The Convergence of Search and Social” had such great attendance, interaction and follow up requests that we had to share.  The topic is obviously very timely given Google+’s recent entry into the social mix for brands and their recent announcements around Google account management. As a leader in search and a partner of Google’s for Google+ brand page publishing and moderation, we have incredible insight into how to leverage it as search and social converge.

Some of the attendees shared this feedback with us:

“You guys did a great job covering the super important things and cutting out the fat. Thank you for that!”
-   SEO Specialist, Digital media company

“Really outstanding job on this!  It was both informative and engaging.  It kept my interest throughout while likely appealing to a large audience with vastly different amounts of knowledge regarding Google +.  Probably the best webinar I've attended over the past year.”
-   SEM Manager, Automotive marketing company

It’s a must listen-to for anyone in search or social marketing who wants to better understand Google+ and its impact on search.  Listen to the replay and get the presentation here.