Adobe Takes the Next Step to Evolve Social Mar­ket­ing for Businesses

Today I’m excited to announce our newest ver­sion of Adobe Social. What’s new? A lot! We have com­pletely over­hauled the user expe­ri­ence with a focus on seam­lessly con­vert­ing social data into busi­ness insight. We have also reimag­ined the social marketer’s day-to-day work­flow to enable more effi­cient col­lab­o­ra­tion with their busi­ness part­ners across the orga­ni­za­tion. I am also proud to share that Adobe Social has gone mobile, to allow social media man­agers and dig­i­tal mar­keters to man­age social on the go. Lots of great details to share that’ll blow your socks off.

Adobe Social 3.0 enters beta test­ing this month and gen­eral avail­abil­ity is sched­uled for a Q2 release this year. Below I’ll share how we got here and some exam­ples of the new fea­tures I’m most excited about.

The Evo­lu­tion of Social Mar­ket­ing
In con­ver­sa­tions with cus­tomers last year, almost every dig­i­tal mar­keter raised con­cerns around mea­sur­ing the busi­ness impact of their social media efforts. Sure there were plenty of asks around improv­ing multi-page man­age­ment, increas­ing fan acqui­si­tion and improv­ing engage­ment tac­tics on spe­cific social net­works, but when I asked what they needed most to advance social’s role in their busi­ness it boiled down to one thing: Help me prove Social ROI. That res­onates with the Altime­ter Group’s research that more than half of com­pa­nies sur­veyed in 2012 face “the inabil­ity to tie social media to busi­ness out­comes” (Altime­ter, The Social Media ROI Cook­book, July 2012).

Figure 1: Adobe Social Campaigns Chart

Fig­ure 1: Adobe Social Cam­paigns Chart

Adobe Social hit the mar­ket full force in Sep­tem­ber, empow­er­ing enter­prise mar­keters to directly con­nect social media inter­ac­tions to busi­ness met­rics like orders, down­loads, video views and of course, rev­enue (Fig­ure 1).

Prov­ing social’s worth has its con­se­quences though. Three out of four com­pa­nies say they plan to increase invest­ment in social media over the next 12 months, accord­ing to Gart­ner, and social mar­keters are report­ing increased inte­gra­tion and col­lab­o­ra­tion with other mar­ket­ing chan­nels to lever­age social media more effec­tively across mul­ti­ple touch points in the cus­tomer journey.

This year’s con­cerns as a result? Help me scale. Help me col­lab­o­rate bet­ter. Help me work more effi­ciently. But most impor­tantly, I still need to demon­strate busi­ness impact!

OK! We’re lis­ten­ing! This year, we will con­tinue to help you con­nect social media to busi­ness results, but we’re address­ing these chal­lenges head on. Let me high­light three new fea­tures that illus­trate how Adobe Social 3.0 solves these chal­lenges, which by the way will be themes we revisit through­out the rest of the year.

1. Evolv­ing Social Data to Busi­ness Insight
So much social data, so lit­tle time. How do we turn the vast amount of social data we col­lect into more action­able insights for the mar­keter? Our Expe­ri­ence Design team went to the draw­ing board and com­pletely over­hauled the user inter­face, focus­ing on rein­ter­pret­ing data as action­able insights in a more digestible format.

Figure 2: New Adobe Social Campaigns Overview

Fig­ure 2: New Adobe Social Cam­paigns Overview

Won­der­ing whether or not your social mar­ket­ing cam­paigns are res­onat­ing? How are they per­form­ing rel­a­tive to one another? Are they dri­ving busi­ness KPIs as you’ve defined them? Tell me what this Cam­paigns report says in 10 sec­onds (Fig­ure 2).

Bam. And oh man, doesn’t it look sexy?

Now you know which cam­paigns are dri­ving customer-defined busi­ness met­rics. And you can drill down into any cam­paign to dis­cover specif­i­cally what assets—posts, apps, keywords—are dri­ving per­for­mance and apply these learn­ings to future campaigns.

The redesign cap­tures all the same data you had access to before (for you data junkies out there), just way more imme­di­ately insight­ful for smarter busi­ness deci­sions. And we’ve applied this con­cept across all areas of Adobe Social.

2. Reimag­in­ing How You Work and Col­lab­o­rate
Our Prod­uct Man­age­ment team sur­veyed dozens of cus­tomers for input on how they pub­lish, mod­er­ate, engage and ana­lyze, work with dif­fer­ent teams, depart­ments and exter­nal agen­cies. As a result, this year we will intro­duce sev­eral new ways to work and col­lab­o­rate with part­ners across your orga­ni­za­tion, start­ing first with your con­tent strategy.

Figure 3: New Adobe Social Content Calendar

Fig­ure 3: New Adobe Social Con­tent Calendar

Check out the new Con­tent Cal­en­dar (Fig­ure 3) which allows you to cre­ate and sched­ule rich con­tent across social plat­forms and prop­er­ties while mak­ing it easy to cus­tomize posts for each audi­ence on the fly.

Want to make your ana­lyst happy? Cam­paign attri­bu­tion is as easy as select­ing a cam­paign from a list. Look­ing to col­lab­o­rate with your ad man­ager? Face­book posts can be pro­moted to an ad in a cou­ple of clicks. Try­ing to accom­mo­date com­pet­ing stake­hold­ers vying for air­time? Flight­ing social con­tent is a snap with our new admin view.

Say good­bye to spread­sheets. The new Con­tent Cal­en­dar stream­lines how you get your job done in con­cert with other teams chomp­ing at your heels.

Over the next few months, we’ll intro­duce more inno­v­a­tive col­lab­o­ra­tion con­cepts and day-to-day work­flow improve­ments that will have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on effi­ciency and team­work in your busi­ness. Expect seam­less inte­gra­tions with Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud solu­tions like Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ager for dig­i­tal asset man­age­ment and Adobe Media Opti­mizer for social adver­tis­ing. These col­lab­o­ra­tion solu­tions are going to change how you inte­grate social into mar­ket­ing cam­paigns forever.

3. Adobe Social Goes Mobile — Empow­er­ing You On the Go
Your cus­tomers never stop talk­ing about you. Man­ag­ing the social chan­nel is a 365×24×7 thing so whether you’re at your desk, run­ning between meet­ings, or onsite at an event, you need a social mar­ket­ing tool that is as “social” as you.

Intro­duc­ing Adobe Social for mobile phones and tablets, with a fluid and respon­sive touch inter­face opti­mized for iOS and Android browsers (Fig­ure 4 and 5). Now you can mon­i­tor cus­tomer trends, busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties and brand threats at the cafe, respond to cus­tomers and esca­late issues from home, even share pho­tos snapped sec­onds ago from the store.

Figure 4: Adobe Social on Smartphones

Fig­ure 4: Adobe Social on Smartphones

Figure 5: Adobe Social on Tablets

Fig­ure 5: Adobe Social on Tablets









We focused on mobil­ity where mobil­ity mat­ters. So the next time you’re walk­ing by your CMO’s office and she shouts out, “Hey how’s that social cam­paign going?” you can walk right in, whip out your iPad, pull up the Cam­paign Detail report, and show her that your cam­paign has gen­er­ated $68,000 of rev­enue, $11,000 ahead of sched­ule, and which spe­cific tweet was respon­si­ble for over $8,000 of that rev­enue. You’ll be a hero.

The Evo­lu­tion of Adobe Social
Social mar­ket­ing has had quite a year here at Adobe.

  • We were the first to com­bine social lis­ten­ing, engage­ment and busi­ness ana­lyt­ics into one inte­grated social mar­ket­ing solution.
  • Face­book and Twit­ter have rec­og­nized us as key strate­gic tech­nol­ogy part­ners, with more on the way.
  • Enter­prise cus­tomers across retail, media and enter­tain­ment, CPG, B2B and finan­cial ser­vices are demon­strat­ing social ROI.
  • And now Adobe Social 3.0 is going to help you work smarter day-to-day, col­lab­o­rate more seam­lessly with part­ners, and get to action­able busi­ness insights faster—all while on the go!
  • For all of you savvy social mar­keters going to Adobe Sum­mit this week, be sure to check out these killer ses­sions on social.

Talk to your Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud rep for more infor­ma­tion about the upgrade and if you don’t have Adobe Social yet, check us out at www​.adobe​.com/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​s​/​s​o​c​i​a​l​.​h​tml and tweet us up on @AdobeSocial. We’ll keep you posted on the lat­est and greatest.