Adobe Takes the Next Step to Evolve Social Marketing for Businesses

Today I’m excited to announce our newest version of Adobe Social. What’s new? A lot! We have completely overhauled the user experience with a focus on seamlessly converting social data into business insight. We have also reimagined the social marketer’s day-to-day workflow to enable more efficient collaboration with their business partners across the organization. I am also proud to share that Adobe Social has gone mobile, to allow social media managers and digital marketers to manage social on the go. Lots of great details to share that’ll blow your socks off.

Adobe Social 3.0 enters beta testing this month and general availability is scheduled for a Q2 release this year. Below I’ll share how we got here and some examples of the new features I’m most excited about.

The Evolution of Social Marketing
In conversations with customers last year, almost every digital marketer raised concerns around measuring the business impact of their social media efforts. Sure there were plenty of asks around improving multi-page management, increasing fan acquisition and improving engagement tactics on specific social networks, but when I asked what they needed most to advance social’s role in their business it boiled down to one thing: Help me prove Social ROI. That resonates with the Altimeter Group’s research that more than half of companies surveyed in 2012 face “the inability to tie social media to business outcomes” (Altimeter, The Social Media ROI Cookbook, July 2012).

Figure 1: Adobe Social Campaigns Chart

Figure 1: Adobe Social Campaigns Chart

Adobe Social hit the market full force in September, empowering enterprise marketers to directly connect social media interactions to business metrics like orders, downloads, video views and of course, revenue (Figure 1).

Proving social’s worth has its consequences though. Three out of four companies say they plan to increase investment in social media over the next 12 months, according to Gartner, and social marketers are reporting increased integration and collaboration with other marketing channels to leverage social media more effectively across multiple touch points in the customer journey.

This year’s concerns as a result? Help me scale. Help me collaborate better. Help me work more efficiently. But most importantly, I still need to demonstrate business impact!

OK! We’re listening! This year, we will continue to help you connect social media to business results, but we’re addressing these challenges head on. Let me highlight three new features that illustrate how Adobe Social 3.0 solves these challenges, which by the way will be themes we revisit throughout the rest of the year.

1. Evolving Social Data to Business Insight
So much social data, so little time. How do we turn the vast amount of social data we collect into more actionable insights for the marketer? Our Experience Design team went to the drawing board and completely overhauled the user interface, focusing on reinterpreting data as actionable insights in a more digestible format.

Figure 2: New Adobe Social Campaigns Overview

Figure 2: New Adobe Social Campaigns Overview

Wondering whether or not your social marketing campaigns are resonating? How are they performing relative to one another? Are they driving business KPIs as you’ve defined them? Tell me what this Campaigns report says in 10 seconds (Figure 2).

Bam. And oh man, doesn’t it look sexy?

Now you know which campaigns are driving customer-defined business metrics. And you can drill down into any campaign to discover specifically what assets—posts, apps, keywords—are driving performance and apply these learnings to future campaigns.

The redesign captures all the same data you had access to before (for you data junkies out there), just way more immediately insightful for smarter business decisions. And we’ve applied this concept across all areas of Adobe Social.

2. Reimagining How You Work and Collaborate
Our Product Management team surveyed dozens of customers for input on how they publish, moderate, engage and analyze, work with different teams, departments and external agencies. As a result, this year we will introduce several new ways to work and collaborate with partners across your organization, starting first with your content strategy.

Figure 3: New Adobe Social Content Calendar

Figure 3: New Adobe Social Content Calendar

Check out the new Content Calendar (Figure 3) which allows you to create and schedule rich content across social platforms and properties while making it easy to customize posts for each audience on the fly.

Want to make your analyst happy? Campaign attribution is as easy as selecting a campaign from a list. Looking to collaborate with your ad manager? Facebook posts can be promoted to an ad in a couple of clicks. Trying to accommodate competing stakeholders vying for airtime? Flighting social content is a snap with our new admin view.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. The new Content Calendar streamlines how you get your job done in concert with other teams chomping at your heels.

Over the next few months, we’ll introduce more innovative collaboration concepts and day-to-day workflow improvements that will have a significant impact on efficiency and teamwork in your business. Expect seamless integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions like Adobe Experience Manager for digital asset management and Adobe Media Optimizer for social advertising. These collaboration solutions are going to change how you integrate social into marketing campaigns forever.

3. Adobe Social Goes Mobile – Empowering You On the Go
Your customers never stop talking about you. Managing the social channel is a 365x24x7 thing so whether you’re at your desk, running between meetings, or onsite at an event, you need a social marketing tool that is as “social” as you.

Introducing Adobe Social for mobile phones and tablets, with a fluid and responsive touch interface optimized for iOS and Android browsers (Figure 4 and 5). Now you can monitor customer trends, business opportunities and brand threats at the cafe, respond to customers and escalate issues from home, even share photos snapped seconds ago from the store.

Figure 4: Adobe Social on Smartphones

Figure 4: Adobe Social on Smartphones

Figure 5: Adobe Social on Tablets

Figure 5: Adobe Social on Tablets









We focused on mobility where mobility matters. So the next time you’re walking by your CMO’s office and she shouts out, “Hey how’s that social campaign going?” you can walk right in, whip out your iPad, pull up the Campaign Detail report, and show her that your campaign has generated $68,000 of revenue, $11,000 ahead of schedule, and which specific tweet was responsible for over $8,000 of that revenue. You’ll be a hero.

The Evolution of Adobe Social
Social marketing has had quite a year here at Adobe.

  • We were the first to combine social listening, engagement and business analytics into one integrated social marketing solution.
  • Facebook and Twitter have recognized us as key strategic technology partners, with more on the way.
  • Enterprise customers across retail, media and entertainment, CPG, B2B and financial services are demonstrating social ROI.
  • And now Adobe Social 3.0 is going to help you work smarter day-to-day, collaborate more seamlessly with partners, and get to actionable business insights faster—all while on the go!
  • For all of you savvy social marketers going to Adobe Summit this week, be sure to check out these killer sessions on social.

Talk to your Adobe Marketing Cloud rep for more information about the upgrade and if you don’t have Adobe Social yet, check us out at and tweet us up on @AdobeSocial. We’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest.