Digital marketers hungry to learn more about marketing in a digital world will be traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, to attend the 2014 Adobe Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference, March 24–28.

Whether you are an analyst, digital marketer, developer, marketing executive, advertiser, publisher, content manager, or social marketer, you will find valuable information about the latest innovations in the field of online marketing.

Come and explore more than 100 sessions in eight tracks of digital marketing, including marketing analytics, cross-channel campaign management, Web experience management, digital advertising, personalization and optimization, social marketing, marketing innovations, and hands-on labs.

The conference will also give you an opportunity to personally network with the top marketers in the field and get advice on how to handle your own marketing and data concerns and strategies.

It’s not all work. Take advantage of some of the country’s best skiing on Friday’s Ski Day. You might discover that an Olympic skiing medal could be in your future.

On Thursday, March 27, from 3–4 p.m., I will be hosting a session on “Managing Your Business in the Cloud: Top Five Considerations.” Discover what you need to consider when taking on the cloud. Discussions will focus on best practices leading companies are following to ensure success. We will break down the options available to you when you are determining whether to use the cloud in your next marketing campaign.

Experienced digital marketers know that creating elements of a marketing campaign can be time consuming. Pulling all the pieces together—multiple teams to create assets, good communication to ensure that all the teams are working together, management to ascertain that the details are right, and more—can be a major undertaking. In my session, you will discover how to use the cloud to create a marketing campaign efficiently and make changes quickly to ensure that you are resonating with your target market.

A number of industry leaders will be assisting me with the presentation, including:

  • Ryan Bonifacino, vice president, Digital Strategy at Alex and Ani, LLC. Ryan is well known for his knowledge of digital marketing, online advertising, social media, and e-commerce.
  • Patrick Virnich, vice president, Commercial E-business at Covidien. Patrick is an expert in e-commerce strategy and presence, digital sales enablement tool sets, and digital content management of product, clinical, and commercial information.
  • Pierre Tager, group product manager, Adobe. Pierre is an expert on the Adobe CQ Cloud Manager.
  • Mitch Nelson, director of managed services, Adobe. Mitch manages dozens of mission-critical deployments for Adobe’s customers globally.

For more information, visit the 2014 Adobe Summit The Digital Marketing Conference website.