eon1After corporate mergers and acquisitions left leading energy company E.ON SE with multiple Web content management systems, the company determined it needed a single, comprehensive solution. With the help of consultants at SapientNitro, E.ON SE implemented Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, marking the first time the company has managed its Internet and intranet content from a common foundation.

Marco Thelen, general program manager at E.ON SE, says, “With Adobe Experience Manager, we not only achieved cost savings of close to 35% compared to the previous solution, but we also saw a significant improvement in quality in the areas of functionality, integration, and time to market.”

Today, E.ON SE communicates consistently across all channels to more than 26 million customers in 30 countries. Plus, it communicates faster and with increased personalization in delivering customer experiences.

Check out E.ON SE’s full story here



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