Audi Konfigurator

Audi AG has a reputation for engineering excellence. The company’s websites reflect it. With Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, the automaker provides a technically sophisticated, smooth ride through its product lines for buyers and enthusiasts.

The solution is powerful enough to let corporate marketers steer the content all of its global websites, but nimble enough to let local marketers drive their own successes. And the company’s car configurator, which is used by 90% of Audi customers, performs quickly and smoothly.

“The goal of our websites is to convey the Audi experience and foster more engagement with our brand and excitement about our vehicles,” says Michael Adolf, head of the brand portal at Audi. “Our 93 websites are offered in 40 languages to provide people with experiences that are more relevant and personalized.”

Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions let Audi rapidly upload information that becomes immediately available to global users. They also improve customer insight, while driving down marketing costs. Find out what else they can do here.