A modernized, personalized website for Fiat Brasil is engaging customers and driving business for the automaker. With the help of digital communications consultant AgenciaClick Isobar, the automaker redesigned and rebuilt its website using the integrated Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

“For us, there are many advantages to Adobe solutions. The cutting-edge technology is extremely important, and it is only with a pioneering technology that we can efficiently manage our brand’s digital assets,” says Fabiano D’Agostinho, vice president of technology and projects at AgenciaClick Isobar.

Specifically, AgenciaClick is helping Fiat personalize content for three specific client groups: men, women, and business-to-business. Fiat also wants to update content independently of an IT cycle, perform accurate A/B testing, expand mobile device capabilities, and quickly identify preferences of online customers.

Since its launch, the website has increased use of the car configurator by 70%, to about 600,000 per month, and tripled consumer interest in purchases. It has also caught the attention of auto industry insiders, including Autoesporte, one of Brazil’s leading automobile news magazines. The Fiat site won the magazine’s Best Site award for 2013 based on aspects including ease of access, user navigation, updating frequency, and tools for assembling desired vehicle models.

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