A picture is worth a thousand words, and the most important part of a marketing campaign is getting a memorable message to your customers and prospects. It takes an entire team working together to develop the ideal digital imagery and videos to market your products, brand, or services.

Collaborating as a team can be an endless merry-go-round if you don’t streamline your workflow. With a clearly defined process, you don’t have to ride an endless merry-go-round as your team collaborates on digital assets. The right workflow will let you collaborate interactively as you develop your design. A streamlined digital collaboration workflow saves time and money and produces a better end product by giving your entire team input on the digital asset you’re designing.

Riding the Digital Merry-Go-Round

Your team must coordinate inputs from photographers, design, marketing, production, and even legal to develop the ideal message. Sometimes their ideas can be integrated into a design, but other times there are conflicts. Imagine a typical scenario: A marketing manager emails inputs on a new product photo; changes are made to the photo, which is then sent via email for dozens to review; another team member requests a change during a phone conversation; the second change is made; and the photo is sent out via email. Your email begins to get overloaded, and a design is chosen by fatigue or even worse—the Frankenstein creative gets scrapped altogether and it has to be reshot. It’s a merry-go-round, and everyone wastes time and money riding it.

Get off the Merry-Go-Round: Define Your Workflow

Everyone needs a role, and those roles must be clearly defined to avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen trying to add their ingredients. Content editors, approvers, reviewers, and viewers must know when it is their turn to participate and what specific actions they need to take. For example, the owner is the marketing manager, who initiates the creation process. Is this the same person who inputs the tags and metadata, or do you want this handled by your digital agency? Is the creative director or brand manager required to check for adoption to brand guidelines? Finally, does the Web team have any editorial input into the process or are they only interested in viewing and leveraging the new digital asset? A clearly defined workflow will let everyone know when it is their turn to participate—and stop the merry-go-round.

Everyone Has a Role

The workflow begins when the marketing director, or owner, calls for a digital asset to be created. Then the two editors—the photographer and the creative director—work together to develop the digital asset. The creative director approves the digital asset and sends it to reviewers, who look for branding and legal considerations. Finally, the Web department loads the asset into the computer for the customer to view. Assigning everyone a role avoids the digital merry-go-round, saving time and digital resources and letting us use our time effectively.

A digital collaboration workflow.

A digital collaboration workflow.

When your entire team is working together to develop the ideal digital imagery and videos to market your products, brand, or services then you can leave the merry-go-round and streamline your creative process. Digital tools, such as those available on the Adobe Creative Suite and Digital Asset Management sites, can help you streamline the creative process and be more productive.