Having spent time with the Intershop team recently outlining our new partnership between Adobe and Intershop, they shared with me their new brand launch that just came out this week. One of the most inspiring ideas was simply that they have been in the e-commerce business since the beginning and have successfully enabled 100% of every customer they’ve brought on board. There are few enterprise software companies that have this kind of legacy. I told them that kind of story needed to be shared with the world as every e-business leader has had their share of challenges over the years and would agree that their accomplishment was a remarkable fact.

Beyond this, we talked about their new logo and the symbol of the opening door. Jochen Moll, Intershop’s CEO, explained how he sees both online and brick-and-morter retail of tomorrow focused on the return to the small shopkeepers level of personalized customer experience. Jochen said that all too often the focus is on the window, an analogy for how most online businesses treat their online store. The brand experience is up front on the home page, but soon after the customer is navigating pages and pages of thumbnails in product category pages and search results. This less desirable approach not only minimizes product discovery, but as all of us will attest to, minimizes the potential for conversion as we often give up flipping through thumbnails. Intershop understands the experience has to not only be enticing to the shopper walking down the street or through the mall, but that same magic one witnesses when outside of a Barneys New York or Saks Fifth Avenue window display has to carry through as the shopper enters the store. We do this exceptionally well in the physical world, with visual merchandising that seems limitless in its imagination and execution. Yet we all know that many of our e-commerce shopping experiences are uninspired or, at best, the inspiring part is disjointed and separate from the shopping area.

This is where Adobe’s collaboration with Intershop comes to life. We have brought together two leading platforms to enable marketers and merchandisers to bring the same magic to their online shopping experience as they do in their retail store. And brand manufacturers are not to be left out; while their sites are more often focused on a compelling experience, with the power of Intershop’s B2B and B2B2C capabilities integrated with Adobe Experience Manager and the rest of Adobe Marketing Cloud, everyone can reimagine the shopping experience and make all content “shoppable”.

Intershop has announced our partnership today and the availability of an extension to Adobe Experience Manager’s commerce integration framework that enables companies to take advantage of a leading B2B/B2C e-commerce platform and Adobe Marketing Cloud for their next generation shopping experience. If you’re heading to Adobe Summit, be sure to stop by their booth and see a remarkable illustration of experience-driven commerce with a historic brand manufacturer that will be sure to knock your boots off (you’ll get the boot reference at the booth). They have collaborated with another Adobe partner, Siteworx, to bring this all to life. Jochen Moll will also be speaking Thursday afternoon on how step into this future of customer experience.