Were you disappointed because this year’s Super Bowl wasn’t exactly the battle you’d been hoping for? Then we have the perfect Adobe Summit session for you. Come join us at the Mobile Throw Down session, where we’ll partner with CITYTECH, an Adobe Business Solution Partner focused on digital strategy and Adobe Marketing Cloud implementation, to battle it out and help you determine the right mobile technology options for your mobile websites and mobile apps.

We’ll begin the session by talking about your most valuable asset—your customer. Companies with the most successful mobile strategies start by evaluating the entire, end-to-end, customer experience to understand how mobile can add unique value. This means enabling customers to quickly do the key “jobs” they seek to complete on mobile and also leveraging native device features to add personalization to mobile apps. Doing this is a must; data shows that a poor mobile Web experience will lead nearly 40 percent of consumers to a competitor and the average smartphone user only focuses on eight apps at any given time. So how do you wow your customers and keep them coming back on mobile?

Next we’ll talk about the technology. You need to find the right fit between your customer’s needs and the technology option that will allow your organization to execute on its overall vision over the long term. More platforms, more device sizes, and a desire to speed time to market make balancing these objectives difficult. For example, on mobile Web you now have tablets and minitablets. Does this mean you need to consider responsive design? For mobile apps, you may have been focusing on iOS but now see an increasing number of your customers visiting your site from an Android device. Is it time to start thinking about hybrid app development?

For additional insights into the questions posed here, and to learn more about developing a customer-centric mobile strategy and using it to drive sustainable and smart technology decisions, come spend an hour battling it out with Adobe and CITYTECH at Adobe Summit during the Mobile Throw Down session. We promise, it will be more exciting than the Super Bowl.