A few months ago at Adobe Summit, we announced the next generation of Adobe Experience Manager, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, to help our customers create competitive advantage by delivering multi-channel, personalized experiences. We kicked off the conversation with the community at Summit, and now to extend it further, we’re planning a live webinar on May 28th, “Introducing Adobe Experience Manager”.

Join our experts, Cedric Huesler (@keepthebyte) and Loni Stark (@lonistark), for this deep dive into the next generation of Adobe Experience Manager. Learn how Experience Manager enables marketers to easily organize and manage the delivery of content and creative assets across all digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, social media, and video.

In particular, you’ll get a first look at some of the key innovations in Experience Manager, which will enable you to be more successful in building brand, driving demand and increasing customer loyalty. Find out how they can empower you to quickly build experiences, easily manage assets, and instantly connect with your customers—so you can keep pace in a rapidly evolving market, and stay far ahead of the competition.  From delivering targeted content through actionable data and social interactions, to leveraging rich media assets, to optimizing multichannel outreach, Experience Manager has you covered. There’s more, too, but we’ll save that for the webinar itself!

You can register for the live webinar here. We hope you’ll join us.