Videos are everywhere.  It’s no longer a question of whether to use video marketing across your digital properties, it’s how much, when, and what types of video will have the greatest impact on customer reach, engagement, conversion, and upsell.

Join myself and featured speaker Chris Hansen, Associate Director, Digital Design & Development Group, Internet Sales Operations at Verizon Wireless, who will discuss why video matters for brands and marketers, and walk us through Verizon Wireless’s use of video throughout the company’s Web properties to promote brand awareness, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and improve the quality of its customer service.

In Session S812: Maximizing Customer Engagement with Online Video, you’ll see why Adobe Digital Asset Management’s video capabilities uniquely enable marketers to implement a comprehensive video management and delivery strategy across all digital properties.

Are you using video effectively to increase customer engagement across all of your touch points?

Join us at Adobe Summit to learn more.