New Zealand’s largest university wanted a better way to manage its more 20,000 web pages. Because the existing in-house content management system required increasing amounts of customization to function, the University of Auckland migrated to Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

“Finding a product that was robust, scalable, easy to implement, and easy to use for our more than 300 content publishers across the university was key,” says Liz Coulter, director of information technology services at The University of Auckland. “We also wanted the confidence that Adobe was committed to the solution’s ongoing development to improve it and keep it current, without us having to think about it.”

Chiefly, the university wanted a web content management system with personalization and mobile capabilities. Personalization will help users get to the content they need faster and mobile support will enable users to access information from any device. Furthermore, teams throughout the University of Auckland are investigating the benefits of integrating Adobe Experience Manager with other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, including Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics.

“Migrating our sites to Adobe Experience Manager has been simple, and I’m pleased with our decision to adopt Adobe solutions,” concludes Coulter. “The steering committee, senior managers, and faculty managers have looked forward to the change and have commented on how easy and smooth the process has been. The IT team couldn’t ask for anything more.”

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