The world’s largest mobile network operator is adding dynamic video to its online experiences to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Verizon Wireless uses Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target in Adobe Marketing Cloud to test and analyze web traffic. By adding Adobe Experience Manager, Verizon Wireless can easily optimize, manage, and deliver assets across desktop and mobile devices.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud gives us the capabilities we need to accelerate time to market and give customers what they want,” says Chris Hansen, associate director of the digital design and development group, Internet sales operations at Verizon Wireless. “By analyzing performance and applying those insights, we can optimize videos to guide our customers through every step of their online journeys.”

By incorporating videos to product pages, Verizon Wireless has realized a 16% lift in conversion. Adding a video about customer address changes to the website helped reduce call center contacts for the same topic by 75%.

Dynamic video capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager also enables a single asset to be used across web pages and devices. Plus, media optimization has cut file sizes by 60%, decreasing load times and boosting customer satisfaction.

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