Your customers are viewing more videos, on more devices, than ever before.  Mobile video starts—including both smartphones and tablets—have tripled year over year. As marketers, we are producing more video to fill this demand, and need to bring it from conception to availability on all of our sites, mobile properties, and apps faster than ever.

With that in mind, I’m excited to share the three hottest video features for marketers in the new Adobe Experience Manager, which will help you increase customer engagement and deliver optimized video viewing experiences across all of your digital properties.

1. Smart Video Streaming

Our video players are smart.  Why? Two reasons.

First, they are responsive.  This means you can design your video playback experience once, and the player will resize based on responsive breakpoints, so you are delivering the video in the right size and format regardless of the device.  You can author this experience using Adobe Experience Manager Sites by simply dragging and dropping a video component and video asset onto your page, and then preview it using the mobile emulator.


Second, our video players detect the device type and bandwidth the customer is using to view the video, and adapt the video bit rate and playback accordingly to ensure that the best performance and quality experience is delivered regardless of the device it is viewed on.

Now in Experience Manager, you can leverage video players and encoding profiles out of the box, or create your own custom players and profiles, so any time you upload a video to Adobe Experience Manager Assets, it will create all the renditions required to support adaptive video playback on demand.  This means you can go to market faster, on more devices, than ever before.

2. Social Video

According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18–34 than any cable network.  Your customers are consuming video from many sources.  One of the pillars of your marketing strategy should be to make your public videos available not only on your sites, but in every syndicated channel your customers are shopping in.

In Experience Manager, you can publish automatically to your YouTube channels, as well as embed social sharing links so that customers can share your video with friends through popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.


You can also easily embed localized captioning and stream languages based on geolocation to reach global audiences with your videos on demand.

3. Video Analytics and Optimization

It is more important than ever to understand video viewing engagement trends, and use that information to create more effective videos.  Now you can run video engagement reports in out-of-the-box Adobe Experience Manager Assets reports, to see viewers and viewer drop-off as the video plays over time.   You can create different versions of the video to see which perform better and adjust your video content to ensure that you are maximizing your message to customers. 


Want to learn more about these new features or how to use Adobe Experience Manager to deliver high-quality video experiences to your customers?  Check it out here