Progress through Tech­nol­ogy” is the core belief that inspires the inno­v­a­tive solu­tions, rev­o­lu­tion­ary engi­neer­ing and pro­gres­sive design that the Audi auto­mo­tive brand is known for.

This phi­los­o­phy is clearly vis­i­ble in the lat­est release of their web­site audiusa​.com, where Audi show­cases its design prowess with gor­geous photo imagery, inter­ac­tive model con­fig­u­ra­tion, and desire evok­ing online videos show­cas­ing inno­va­tion, all in a clean and respon­sive site.

Inter­ac­tive Online Visu­al­iza­tion
Which looks bet­ter, the black inte­rior or the white? What about dec­o­ra­tive inlays? What are the dif­fer­ences in the tita­nium wheels? On audiusa​.com, cus­tomers can select any car model, cus­tom con­fig­ure options, zoom into images and details of the model cho­sen, view inven­tory, and con­tact deal­ers to sched­ule a test drive. What I found impres­sive is their use of inter­ac­tive dynamic media tech­nol­ogy (pow­ered by Adobe Scene7) to dis­play photo-realistic images of all the fea­tures car shop­pers selected on their site in real time.


Video to Fuel Desire
Want to get an inside peak at the new e-Tron elec­tronic vehi­cle tech­nol­ogy, or the Audi auto­mo­tive design process for the R8? It’s hard not to fall in love with Audi tech­nol­ogy and design when it comes to life in the rich video avail­able on the site. The con­tent goes beyond tra­di­tional brand adver­tis­ing, and includes short and long for­mat videos that let view­ers feel like they have a “back­stage pass” to trends dri­ving Audi’s inno­va­tion and cen­ters of excellence.


Respon­sive Design
Audiusa​.com is opti­mized for mobile view­ing, and auto­mat­i­cally scales to show­case the best expe­ri­ence inde­pen­dent of the device used to access it. This pro­gres­sive design is visu­ally stim­u­lat­ing and easy to nav­i­gate with a mouse or a fin­ger swipe.



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