AIR 1.5.1 doc updates

AIR 1.5.1 was released on 2/24/09. Although it was a minor release, there were a few enhancements that you should be aware of.

New event that indicates if the application was launched manually by the user or automatically at login

The InvokeEventReason class (in the flash.desktop package) defines the two possible string values for the InvokeEvent.reason property. InvokeEventReason.LOGIN defines the login case; InvokeEventReason.STANDARD defines the standard case.

Jeff Swartz wrote a new quick start to explain how to use this new functionality.

New property to return processor architecture

This new property (Capabilities.cpuArchitecture in flash.system) returns the processor architecture of the machine, as a string (such as “PowerPC” or “x86”).

Using these new APIs

If you want to take advantage of these new AIR 1.5.1 APIs, update your application descriptor to use the 1.5.1 namespace:


If you do not need to use these new APIs, you do not need to update your application descriptor. Your application will be able to run with AIR 1.5.1 when the user updates the version of the runtime installed on their system.

You can find all the current AIR docs here: Adobe AIR resources

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