Adobe Wave on Labs

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While this step in the release is for desktop computers using Adobe AIR, you can easily imagine this running on mobile devices or in the Digital Home. In fact the team behind Wave were responsible for the Flash Cast and Adobe® Mobile Server, and published the open Mobile Content Delivery Protocol from the latter product.

Wave is of course not Flash Cast, but it has really nice similarities such as the ability to automatically get content and notifications from your favourite sites and brands. You can register for notifications using the beautiful interface from our Experience Design team, then simply setup the application with what you’re interested in.

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Once added you can configure the notifier application with your settings. This could be your myspace profile or simply that you’re only interested in technology news from digg.

Of course we intend to grow the number of Publishers, and in fact you too can become a publisher if you have a popular blog or website.  There’s a rather bizarre video here, sounds like the Star Trek computer and advertises Bruno :-)

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