Developing with Flash Lite Tutorial Series

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Dale Rankine is one of the foremost experts in Adobe Flash technology for devices and owner of a successful mobile development company, Moket Pty.  As a certified training partner and long standing community evangelist, I’ve asked him to help produce a video tutorial series on Flash Lite technology.  Our goal is to help new and existing developers to work with our optimized Flash player for mobile phones and devices.

From the series I expect that viewers will learn how to use Adobe Device Central, discover how to construct a mobile interface and to work with multimedia including FLV.  We’ve tried to build out a set of topics that we get most questions on, things like video optimization, performance and the ‘basics’ such as object orientated programming and memory management.  The focus will remain on Flash Lite 3.x, although many of the APIs and features work everywhere.Picture 1

The great news is that Dale has already begun publishing the videos over at our Vimeo channel, and soon we’ll push these up to Adobe TV too.  We might be able to take a couple of requests, so if you get asked the same question over and over again, then let’s hear about it!

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