Flash Distributable Player Now Available in 45 Countries

Last week Mark Doherty blogged about the fact that the Distributable Player is now available in a total of 45 countries. One of the nice things about the Distributable Player solution is that you don’t have to bundle a version of Flash with your application. You simply package it up using Adobe Mobile Packager 1.1 and it has all of the information about where to grab the runtimes inside of it so that when someone in one of the 45 countries below goes to install your application it will download Flash Lite if they don’t already have it installed. It’s similar to AIR’s model of making sure you’re only packaging and downloading what you need.

As Mark says, this is a great way to start building mobile applications today while you’re waiting for Flash Player 10. You can see the full list of supported devices and countries over on Labs. There’s also a great tutorial for getting started with the mobile packager that I’ve embedded below.

Distributable Player Supported Countries

Distributable Player Supported Countries

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