The NorCal Super Dead Drop

For those who read my previous post, I have changed some things since then. The NorCal Super Dead Drop will be very similar to the other dead drops that I have done before. The Super in the title refers to the fact that the prizes are much bigger and the challenges more involved. Obviously based on the title, this dead drop will be focused in Northern California but that doesn’t preclude others from coming to town to take a crack at the prize. This is also be the first dead drop where the exact start time is being announced in advance to help people/teams to prepare.

The dead drop will begin at 11:00 PM on this coming Sunday, July 19th. The first clue will be located somewhere in the Bay Area. It will probably be close to San Mateo so plan on being in the area with internet connectivity at exactly 11:00 PM. Also plan to be out of work Monday as it will take at least a day to complete. Make it a team building exercise with your co-workers and let your boss know that the prizes will definitely help you in your work :) .

As I mentioned in my previous post, the prizes for this dead drop are worth a lot of money and will be well worth the effort needed to win. Just to recap, the winner will receive a full Adobe MAX conference pass ($1495), a copy of Master Collection CS4 ($2499), a one year premium subscription to the Online Training Library ($375), and one year subscriptions to both Layers Magazine ($30) and Photoshop User Magazine ($30). A big thanks to the sponsors for putting up the prizes. There will also be a super-secret prize at the final clue but that’s all I’ll say.

So come to this blog at exactly 11:00 PM on Sunday night to start the mission. I highly recommend teaming up to make things easier but there will be no challenges that require multiple people.


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