The NorCal Super Dead Drop starts now

It’s 11:00 PM and the dead drop is officially underway. This one requires both problem solving abilities and also contains some physical aspects to make things more interesting. In the last post I mentioned some of the things that will come in handy during the mission and I have a few more to add. You should have comfortable shoes, long pants, a flashlight, and an internet-connected device, ideally a laptop.

There are two rules for this dead drop that you must follow in order to win. First you need to take a photo of each clue when you’re there for verification purposes and I will also feature them here on the blog after the competition. Secondly you cannot destroy any of the clues to prevent others from proceeding. I have surveillance in place in most places so please play a clean game.

Below are some recommendations that will help you on your mission:

  • research all clues thoroughly before starting to look for them
  • use your best judgement and be careful out there
  • be prepared for things like thorn bushes, owls, and crime scene tape

To get started, go over to the Flex Facebook page, become a fan, and check out the Boxes area to begin. Good luck and maybe I’ll see you out there during the mission :) .

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