Win a free pass to Adobe MAX and more!

I am currently organizing a competition with an awesome set of prizes. In order to compete you will have to be in the vicinity of Northern California when the competition starts as it is not based online. I will announce the date soon so stay tuned here for more details. I can say that it will be approximately three weeks from now. Once I post the start of the competition it will simply be a race to the finish and the first person or team to get there will be awarded the prizes. This will NOT be a dead drop where you have to solve a series of clues. For this contest, If you get to the finish first you win. So dust off that gym membership card :) .

The winner will receive a full Adobe MAX conference pass, a copy of Master Collection CS4, and one year subscriptions to the Online Training Library, Layers Magazine, and Photoshop User magazine. This makes it almost $5000 worth of prizes and there may be still more to come.

Stay tuned here for more details!

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