Adobe workshops in Latin America

As many of you know I just returned from my first trip to South America and I had an amazing time presenting to Flash designers and developers across Brasil and Colombia. I was surprised not only by the amount of people who attended but also the tremendous enthusiasm for the Flash Platform. I came away with a strong feeling that we are that we need to do much more than we are in the region. Unfortunately Adobe does not have a significant local presence in Latin America aside from some employees in Mexico and an amazing and overworked team in Brasil.

The biggest hurdle for evangelists to come to Latin America is simply budget. This is especially true in these economic times. What I would like to put together is a plan where I can come and deliver a full-day workshop to companies or groups in Latin America on a wide-range of topics relating to the Flash Platform. This would be a great opportunity to have an intensive, on-site training with someone direct from Adobe. The only cost you would have to incur would be my airfare to get me to wherever you are located. I will take care of the rest. You can get training for your whole team for less than it would cost to send one person to a conference.

From the Adobe side this would be extremely beneficial as well as we would also be able to present to the local user groups and connect with the local Adobe community. These are communities that we really need to get better acquainted with. Now this is just an idea I’m putting out there to gauge the interest for such a thing. But I think it would be something that would greatly benefit both the Flash community south of the equator and Adobe as well. Tell me what you think.


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