“Just Ask Us” what you want to know

Update: I will be selecting certain questions from the list to answer in each episode as I think there will be quite a large list. Also remember to leave your geographic location if you don’t mind. Also, really technical questions like requests for actual code snippets will not lend themselves very well to this medium.

I’m going to try a new video experiment that I’m simply calling Just Ask Us. The concept here is very simple. Leave your questions for Adobe and/or myself in the comments of this post and I will go off and find the answers for you. Then I will record a video hopefully giving you the answers you’re looking for.

You can ask questions about anything you like. Now of course there will probably be some questions that I can’t answer but I’ll at least try to give the reasons why I can’t. When you leave your questions it would be great if you could include your name and geographic location but that is totally optional.

I will accept questions until this Friday (07/31) at 5:00 PM (California time). We’ll see how this little experiment goes but I think it could be a cool way to get your questions answered on the record.


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