Adobe MAX is almost here!

It’s a little over a month until Adobe’s big bash. This year it will take place in LA, the home of movie stars and more silicon than even the Bay Area. I have to say that I’m really excited about this year’s event. For starters I will doing an official dead drop during the conference. While I can’t say much right now, I can say that the prizes are very nice! At the left is an awesome widget made by my evangelism cohort Serge Jespers. If you embed this into a social networking site or just your own blog you could win a free pass and nice set of software. Check out some of the testimonials and record your own. I will be giving two official sessions at this year’s MAX which I describe below. In addition to these I’ll be doing a lot of other things so be sure to come up and ask me some tough questions. For my official duties, the two session descriptions are listed below.

Designing for Augmented Reality
Monday, October 5th at 3:30 PM
Learn about designing and developing augmented reality experiences on the Flash Platform. Join Lee Brimelow as he takes you through the business uses and consumer uses of augmented reality and how you can use CS4 and the Flash Platform tools to create your own experience.

Lee Brimelow and MNR Do Crazy Flex Things with Creative Suite
Monday, October 5th at 2:00 PM
Come see Lee Brimelow and Mark Niemann-Ross demonstrate unexpected things you can do using Flex and Creative Suite. Grab some popcorn and your 3D glasses as we demonstrate how Creative Suite applications can be programmed using Flex and Adobe AIR, and see some of the results of coupling these two powerhouses.

If you haven’t already, go on over and register for MAX. I promise you will have a good time. Did I mention that Influxis is providing free beer at the FITC unconference sessions?


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