HP releases an Adobe AIR app that helps students research colleges


HP recently released a new Adobe AIR application called the US News Best 100 Colleges and Universities 2010 to promote its HP TouchSmart PC. The application is designed to help students and parents research information about colleges and universities tracked by US News.

As I was using this application for the first time, something that immediately struck me was that the user interface is designed with touch in mind. For example, controls such as buttons and sliders are displayed larger than what you would typically find in a typical desktop application. This improves the usability of the application since smaller controls require greater precision of touch by the user. The interface is both clean and engaging. Video interviews with current students complement the statistics by adding a human element to the research.

If you do not have a touch screen, you can still use this application with a mouse though the experience is definitely optimized for a touch screen.

Additional screenshots:


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