FOX Launches a New App "Virtual Echo" Using Adobe AIR

Are you a Dollhouse fan? Now you can download a new desktop app
Fox released last night called “Virtual Echo.” Developed by the marketing agency, Blitz using the Adobe AIR, the app activates nine different Echo personae—like “assassin” or “dream date”—that traipse across your desktop including augmented reality functionality. You can print out the marker and “interact” with the main character in 3D via webcam. The augmented reality in this app is unique in that it’s using higher quality video than what has been used with Adobe Flash in the past.





Congratulations to the design and development team at Blitz for creating this innovative app using the capabilities in the AIR technology!

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6 thoughts on “FOX Launches a New App "Virtual Echo" Using Adobe AIR

  1. Pity it doesn’t work after rebooting – though the process runs; sucking up memory all the same.

    Not sure if this is AIR’s fault or the prog. I’ve had problems with a few AIR apps.

  2. Not sure what causes the problem. It has been running on my PC laptop with no problem though.

  3. I use this app all the time. Fox is doing a great job with it. I am glad that adobe is a part of this product.accutane

    • This post was an old one and I’m not sure the show is out anymore, which means the app may not be public. Anyone else know?